As we often do at the end of the year, myself and our staff took some time to look back on 2018 to reflect on what we have done and come up with some fresh ideas for our readers. And in particular, 2019 is an important year to put some special plans into place, as we will be celebrating Stone World’s35th anniversary. To comm-emorate it, we think it will be nice to revisit the past by highlighting various articles, photos, etc., that were published throughout the years. Be sure to check out our website and social media platforms for “Throwback Thursday” postings. We think it will be fun to take a trip down memory lane, and we hope you will enjoy it too.

With all of the talk about our big birthday coming up, I have to admit I feel pretty special to be only the fourth editor of Stone Worldin the past 35 years, which I think says something about the stone industry. Speaking for myself, I have made so many industry friends through the years and have enjoyed all of my visits to numerous fabrication shops, quarries, trade shows and other industry events. And we definitely have come a long way in terms of technology and branding. Not to date myself, but one of the first articles I wrote for Stone Worldwas about the new “information super highway,” otherwise known as the internet. Back in December of 1996, when the article was published, the internet was just at conception and an enigma to many. There were only a few companies who had started to create their own websites. Fast-forward 20+ years, and now we have fabricators and stone suppliers sitting in on seminars to learn how to utilize social media, as well as their websites, to market their products to their customers. Today, it’s the norm rather than the exception.

We are always trying to think of new ideas to present information to our readers. It’s important to remain relevant and fresh, so even small tweaks here and there can make a difference. For instance, the Stone WorldFabricator of the Year Award has been presented since 1988. And while the nomination process has remained the same, in recent years we have put an online voting system in place, which has really made it exciting. With technology being at the forefront these days, it was only logical that we implemented this new process.

It seems others in the industry are also making slight adjustments to their business structures to accommodate their growth and meet customer demand. In our Newsline section (beginning on page 24), you will read about Laser Product Industries’ rebranding initiative, which includes a new logo and website. We have also made announcements on our website ( about other companies that have made slight name changes, updates to their websites and even company mergers.

For many, the New Year is a reason to promote positive changes. We are excited to share new content in different ways as the year unfolds. Don’t hesitate to share any new changes you have with us, as well. Happy New Year!