DALLAS, TX -- West Quartz has introduced three new one-of-a-kind colors that take their inspiration from art instead of nature. The new colors are Candy, Licorice Stripe and Deep North. In addition to offering 20 of the most popular current colors at affordable prices, West Quartz offers limited-edition selections and small batch custom designs. 

Candy is the most colorful quartz on the market. Like a vibrant impressionist painting, the exciting hues of Candy will add life to any project.

West Quartz candy

Licorice Stripe has the bold striping of a modern art painting combined with the excellent performance of quartz.  For the customer who is interested in a veined black and white marble, Licorice Stripe is an artistic alternative.

Deep North is quartz inspired by Asian landscape painting.  With a pattern like the rolling mountains, Deep North brings a tranquil feeling to your kitchen or bath project.  

Have a color or pattern idea you would like to see made into a quartz slab for your project?  Contact West Quartz to make your idea a reality.

“We have the ability to produce custom colors in small batches that will fit your project needs,” said CEO Jason Nottestad.  

In addition to our groundbreaking new designs, West Quartz features a full palette of the most popular modern colors and patterns.  All colors can be viewed at www.westquartz.com.  For pricing and availability, reach out to Joe Stang at joe@westquartz.com.

Slabs are available in 2CM and 3CM, in the jumbo size of 126 x 63 inches