LOS ANGELES, CA - Vadara Quartz Surfaces is proud to announce the release of 18 luxurious new colors to their renowned collections. Since its beginning in 2016, Vadara has been the go-to brand for designers and consumers looking to upgrade their interior for the modern era.

Among the new releases are seven new premier vein colors that mimic the stunning appearance of natural stone. Four new textured colors are also included and are designed to give any living space a sleek and contemporary upgrade. Vadara has also released three vibrant translucent colors that, when backlit, give off a unique glow for a bold, grand effect.

“With these incredible new colors, Vadara is continuing its mission to disrupt the interior design space by not only staying ahead of the trends, but forging new paths for designers looking to try something new and different,” said Arik Tendler, CEO of Vadara Quartz. “We always strive for sophistication and elegance, and these new releases do an amazing job of fulfilling that commitment.”

Released on February 5th, every new color is now available in Vadara’s four distribution centers, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Nashville.