Atlanta, GA - November 15, 2018 - Inspired by a mythical land of peace and perpetual youth, HanStone Quartz’s newest color will transport you to a place of wonder: Shangri-La. Mythical and mysterious, reminiscent of a utopian paradise, Shangri-La’s vibrant garnet gem tones and elegant onyx-inspired pattern merge harmoniously for a experience that’s full of celestial wonder. 

“Shangri-La demonstrates HanStone’s superior design capabilities both in manufacturing and aesthetics,” said Mark Abbas, marketing director of Hanwha Surfaces. “We are proud to be able to produce such amazing surfaces like Shangri-La.”

Shangri-La is truly a unique color that brings a new trend to the industry this fall. Translucent, Shangri-La can be underlit to create a beautiful installation that elevates any space. Truly a work of art, this surface will be the staple piece in any design. Shangri-La is perfect for use in commercial projects such as boutique hotels who value style and high design.

“Shangri-La, created with the world’s most advanced Breton Technology and cutting-edge design methods, is significant far beyond its technical pedigree,” said Michael Talbot, product design manager for HanStone. “In a sea of white quartz offerings, Shangri-La’s visual depth, subtle movement, and rich hues evoke calm; foreshadowing the emerging shift toward warmer, earthen palettes.”