SEAL BEACH, CA --Custom Building Products, a leading provider of tile and stone installation systems, has introduced a new grout warranty for stain resistance and color consistency on its Fusion Pro grout. 

The lifetime warranty protects an end-user's tile installation against common household staining agents such as mold and mildew, foods, oils, non-acidic cleaners and mud. Fusion Pro's hardness and stain-repelling properties give the residential or commercial building occupant time to clean up stains. Unlike porous cementitious grouts, or more complex-to-use urethane and epoxy alternatives, Fusion Pro combines both ease of use and the highest, unsurpassed stain resistance based on internal testing.

Fusion Pro installations are also backed to be color-perfect, meaning that the installed grout is color consistent from beginning to end and from bucket to bucket. The grout will not effloresce, mottle, fade or color shade within the grout joint.

"Fusion Pro has redefined grout technology," said Prashant Panchal, Director of Product and Channel Management for Custom Building Products. "This new warranty reflects our confidence in Fusion Pro technology. While there is no magic replacement for routine cleaning and maintenance, this grout makes life easier and helps to ensure enduring, beautiful tile installations. Time tested, Fusion Pro's acceptance by contractors, distributors and design professionals has exceeded our expectations."