Custom Building Products recently announced the introduction of a major break-through in grout technology with Fusion Pro™ Single Component Grout™. Ready-to-use and requiring no mixing, Fusion Pro features a technologically-advanced formula that is easy to spread and clean. The grout solution cures with exceptional hardness, similar to cement grouts, while delivering the color consistency and high-stain resistance characteristics of epoxy grouts.Fusion Proâ„¢ Single Component Grout

Fusion Pro’s patent-pending formula is an advanced acrylic and silicone resin, which gives it a creamy, easy-to-spread consistency. It is engineered to provide strong stain and chemical resistance, and it does not require sealing. Fusion Pro can be used with nearly all types of natural stone and tile applications that contain grout joints ranging from 1/2-inch down to 1/16-inch. The product will not sag or slump making it ideal for interior and exterior floor, wall and countertop installations.

“Fusion Pro performs better, is easier to use and offers the benefit of epoxy-like performance in a more economical solution. No sealing is required, saving time on the jobsite. In our research, Fusion Pro’s superior stain, chemical and crack resistance, as well as its color uniformity, appealed to contractors seeking a high-performance grout,” said Quenton Roehricht, Product Manager for Custom Building Products