Knoxville,TN-Braxton-Bragg has added the recently re-branded Stain Proof by Dry-Treat premium line of cleaners and sealers to its offerings. Dry-Treat makes 13 products, half of which are stone and masonry  sealers and cleaners  used  for everything from the Sydney Opera House and Cowboys stadium to a homeowners shower or backsplash.  


Stain Proof by Dry-Treat is not a new line, just a refresh of the same brand that has been made in North Carolina for years and originated in Australia in 1991 . No original Dry-Treat formulas have been changed.


“Dry-Treat has long been requested by our customers, so we are very happy to add it to our Braxton-Bragg offering,” said Jeff Dykstra, Braxton-Bragg Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  “It is a respected brand with a long, successful history in the stone industry and we think they are a perfect addition to our cleaner and sealer lineup.”


“ICP also produces environmental products that kill viruses and during this pandemic, we have been running 24 hours a day on backlog to distributors that service hospitals, government buildings  and airports, shipping out 4-5 times as usual of semi-trucks of product per day!” said Scott Higginbotham, Dry-Treat Director of Sales. “Disinfectants are going to be a part of our future. That is not going away. It is going to change the industry. Our goal through this challenge is to be an even better company coming out of this than we were going into it.”


“We offer permanent solutions for cleaning and sealing stone, and our products don’t have to be reapplied for 15 to 25 years, as opposed to most sealers, which are up to 15 (years between applications at the max) but from most similar products, usually must be reapplied every year,” said Higginbotham. “It is like a great permanent sunscreen that you don’t have to reapply. More than a stone preparation and maintenance company, Dry-Treat is a science company.”


Higginbotham adds, “Dry-Treat uses very different technology than other sealers, so we are big on education. We work with the Natural Stone Institute, and also with quarries, to make sure we get it right. Our Performance Warranty covers 15-25 years of repelling oil and water.”

“Dry-Treat is a great fit for Braxton-Bragg because we both have a focus on product education,” said Rick Stimac, Braxton-Bragg CEO. “Both companies have sales staff with extensive stone knowledge.”


STAIN-PROOF impregnators permanently bond to the stone, providing superior stain protection from oil and water, PLUS premium protection from efflorescence, salt spalling, freeze-thaw spalling and picture framing. The penetrating sealers even stand up to commercial cleaning techniques  e.g. high pressure hosing, and maintain the slip resistance of the surface.


Braxton-Bragg is offering around 10 Stain Proof by Dry-Treat products, covering all your cleaning and sealing needs.