VERONA, ITALY – Neolith invites architects, designers and specifiers to discover its latest slabs, pore over art, socialize and see culinary masters in action during “Neolith Nature,” a special event that will be at the Crowne Plaza in Verona, Italy, from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. on September 26 through September 28 – the dates Marmomac 2018 will simultaneously be held nearby at the exhibition center.

On arrival at Neolith Nature, visitors will be greeted by a series of Neolith sculptures, framed by a verdant perimeter adorned with lush flora. An adjacent area provides seating -- encouraging onlookers to relax and contemplate the intricately crafted artistic interpretations of the material.
Beyond the viewing space, show cooking by renowned chef Italo Bassi will take place on a monolithic sintered stone stage. Nearby, varied levels of Neolith will provide the perfect setting for guests to mingle, network and share ideas with one another.

Throughout the exhibition, visitors are welcomed to browse Neolith’s 2019 introductions and provide feedback to help decide on the upcoming new releases. Eight cutting-edge colors will be on display, inspired by emerging design trends.
Technology is ever-evolving, offering more opportunities to Neolith®’s development team to realize complex patterns and a wide range of colors. The latest propositions are evidence of this, embracing the contrasting nascent themes in interior decoration.

“We’re seeing an increasing demand for greater creative scope in both residential and commercial spaces,” said Carlos Garcia, product designer at Neolith. “Neolith Digital Design technology allows us to explore diverse colors and textures so our 2019 collection will offer designers more possibilities than ever before to realize their dreams spaces."

Simultaneously, Neolith Food & Roll, a mobile restaurant, bar and cooking school that will be on the roads of Europe throughout 2018-2019, will be launched during Marmomac 2018, in tandem with Neolith Nature.

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