Verona, 27 September 2018 - Natural stone must become the key for sustainable urban development and urban re-development. This is what emerged yesterday at Veronafiere during the inauguration of the 53rd edition of Marmomac - the world's leading marble and technology sector event scheduled until Saturday 29 September - in the presence of the President and CEO of Veronafiere, Maurizio Danese and Giovanni Mantovani, the President of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, the Mayor of Verona, Federico Sboarina, the President of Confindustria Marmormacchine, Marco De Angelis, the Councillor for Urban Planning of Verona City Council, Ilaria Segala, and Marco dell'Agli, senior architect of the Mario Cucinella studio.

"Stone is a very ancient material," said President Danese. "That today is experiencing a new renaissance that Marmomac itself also interprets by simultaneously promoting two directions of development in the sector: design and technology."

Natural stone and technology brands in Italian marble districts boast 3,300 companies throughout the country with more than 34,000 employees. Turnover comes to 4.2 billion euro, with a balance of trade in the black by 2.8 billion euro.

"Marmomac is a fundamental Italian manufacturing sector," said CEO Mantovani. "Yet one that is often relegated to a marginal role compared to other fields. In reality, facts and figures prove the exact opposite. Marmomac has the merit of having revolutionised the once residual or luxury use of natural stone into everyday life and urban contexts."

The objective focuses on redevelopment and promotion, as explained by the President of Confindustria Marmomacchine, De Angelis. "We are implementing a new network to bring companies and players in the sector together in a major project to defend and promote natural stone products, which Veronafiere has already joined. The ‘Authentic Natural Stone’ initiative will be officially launched on a national scale next year."

The inaugural round table titled "Regenerating abandoned areas: an opportunity for our cities," during which architect dell'Agli illustrated three urban redevelopment projects in Milan, Aosta and Catania, included reports such as the one by the Governor of the Veneto region, Zaia, who highlighted the pioneering role of the Region as regards law on land consumption, while also announcing that, "The Regional Housing Plan which has already achieved excellent results will be presented again in a reviewed form."

"Sustainability and urban redevelopment are among the objectives of municipal administration," said the Mayor of Verona, Sboarina. Veronafiere is also involved in the recovery of abandoned sites in the local area. The redevelopment of the former fruit and vegetable market is a fine example." 

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