Neolith is inaugurating its new urban boutique in the capital of Holland, Amsterdam, in collaboration with its distributor Michel Oprey & Beisterveld (MOB).

Neolith®Urban Boutique (NUB) is the all-new concept store developed by Neolith which focuses on the customer experience as a way to re-invent the traditional showroom and turn it into an imaginative exhibit space.

NUB Amsterdam thus joins the NUB series recently inaugurated in other major European capital cities like Madrid, London, Milan and Düsseldorf.

"The best way to truly understand the potential of a material is by seeing it in beautiful places with realistic designs," said Mar Esteve, Neolith marketing director. "We’d like to imagine how the public could truly use the surfaces in any specific environment. Our urban boutiques are more than just showrooms: we’ve carefully chosen their locations in dynamic and international urban areas, inviting people with all types of baggage to explore and enjoy them."

With the aim of producing a creative concept for the all-new space, the designer wanted to demonstrate the enormous aesthetic potential of the surface, including a number of uses for the material never before seen in a showroom.

NUB Amsterdam was conceived as a sort of stone cave and, therefore, an intriguing route was created to pique visitors’ curiosity. The route begins by climbing sculptural stairs covered in the Mont Blancmodel, the design of which is easily noticeable given the characteristic LED lighting throughout the route.

As visitors move through the space, they’ll realize all the virtues of the material through the walls cladded with cut-out Neolith pieces inspired by the veins of natural stone blocks in a combination of two colors that are magically alternated: Mont Blanc, and New York–New York. It’s a play of contrasts between light and dark made with two of the latest models presented by Neolith.

After passing through the initial area, visitors will gradually go about discovering very different uses for Neolith® and how it can be creatively integrated.

The first place to be discovered is called Neolith Laboratory. It’s the most technical area of NUB Amsterdam where various collections are exhibited in the different thicknesses of 3, 6, 12 and 20 mm. This is the first contact point where visitors can touch the material at the Neolith slab displays as well as the various samples available. They can also see other possibilities of use such as sinks , and Piatibelli shower trays. It’s a very dynamic space to see and explore all the potential of Sintered Stone.

Along with this area, visitors will find residential applications such as a bathroom with flooring spectacularly tiled with Nero Marquina, and Calacatta, inspired by Virginia Sánchez’s original design for Casa Decor 2017. This design is complemented with the Neolith Bookmatch effect in contrast with the warmth of the wood found in the La Bohèmemodel, which is also integrated in the bathroom.

The kitchen is another residential application exhibited. Located on another level with a general view of all the other spaces, visitors will find an elegant kitchen island made using the Calacatta Gold model based on the original design by Marc Smithuis and furniture in Sofía Cuprum for contrast. In this area produced by Arte, visitors can also observe a spectacular wall cladded with Mar del Plata. The white and grey waters found in this model are combined with the impeccable white of Neolith Arctic White in the middle of the wall for use as a projection screen as one more possible use for this material.

After this, visitors will discover a retail space, specifically a beauty salon set up as a barber shop to recreate a commercial atmosphere and demonstrate the versatility of the material with details such as mirrors framed with Neolith.

Another aspect worth mentioning which invites complete contemplation is the lovely fountain situated in the showroom entrance which is also present at NUB Milan, designed by architect Héctor Ruiz. It’s a common architectural point he wanted to take to Amsterdam yet with certain particular features.

With an olive tree in the middle surrounded by tulips created with Neolith and cut using the Water Jet technique in two dimensions and on a real scale, they demonstrate the many different artistic possibilities of Sintered Stone, proven by the meticulous work by Stone & Skills and Jan Reek Natuursteen in collaboration with Neolith.

The peculiar waterless fountain features recycled glass made by Magna Glaskeramik and a polished finish to try to reflect the splendid blue sky visitors can see through the glass skylight located just above the fountain.

Glaskeramik® recycled glass is unique in the world as it’s comprised of 100% recycled glass. It’s sustainable, beautiful, one-of-a-kind and long-lasting material just like Neolith. In this case, white was used to frame the olive tree and it’s all lit up with LED light. Meanwhile, the same material in black can be seen in the tulip area.

Both elements from nature are symbols of the two cultures. The olive tree (better known as the “liquid gold tree”) is typical of Spain and it blends with the beauty and color of the flower par excellence in the city of Amsterdam: the tulip.

"Over the years we’ve been working with Neolith, we’ve always admired the quality and constant innovation of its stone," said Jos Simmons, Michael Oprey & Beisterveld. "It’s been fascinating to see with our very own eyes how the brand has gone about developing its technology and design techniques and then be able to use these surfaces in our projects. We’re proud of the space we’ve created together because it showcases the most recent Neolith models, taking showroom design one step beyond the norm."

NUB Amsterdam is, therefore, a Neolith Urban Boutique full of details, effects and carefully produced stone which very much emphasizes all the application, design and cut possibilities offered by Neolith.