KENT, WA -- Color Match SeamLockTM Adhesive is the newest product in the Rockstar Diamond line-up. Created by stone specialists working closely with adhesive formulators, the product was created to fix a common problem — color matching adhesives to stones. “Stone installers know the challenge of finding an adhesive that matches the thousands of colors available in engineered stones,” says Jeff Mallory, national sales manager, Rockstar Diamond. “We heard from our customers that time and again they couldn’t get a satisfactory match with the adhesives currently on the market.”

Rockstar Diamond’s unique Color Match technology ensures you will get the best possible match on tricky engineered stone materials. Developing an adhesive that will exactly match every color of engineered stone that every manufacturer offers wasn’t an easy task. Color Match SeamLockTM Adhesive is manufactured for Rockstar Diamond by respected adhesive producer UltraTuf Adhesives, Color Match SeamLockTM Adhesives come in numerous colors. The 10:1 acrylic formula was developed by adhesive professionals in partnership with professional stone fabricators specifically for the stone countertop industry. The latest technology along with extensive color match testing was used to create these adhesives and Rockstar Diamond’s unique color charts allow you to match numerous brands and colors of engineered stone / quartz, ceramic and compact stone countertop materials as well as most solid surface products on the market.

It’s easy to find the Color Match SeamLockTM Adhesive that you need for your projects. Simply open the PDF corresponding to the manufacturer on, find the manufacturer’s ‘color name’ and you will see the Color Match SeamLockTM Adhesive that will match that stone. Some of the colors recommend a secondary adhesive to use in conjunction with the primary color in order to achieve the best results for seams, miters and laminating. Color Match SeamLockTM Adhesive may be used on granite, solid surface and ceramic as well as quartz and engineered stone.

Because Rockstar Diamond recognizes that fabricators and installers prefer different adhesive consistencies, they offer their Color Match SeamLockTM Adhesive in both a regular and no-drip formula. The two-part adhesive is offered in two sizes — 75 ml and 250 ml. You can also order the adhesive applicator guns and static mixer tips on