POWAY, CA -- Granite Gold® Countertop Protection Plan is an official integration partner at DataBridge Integrations Inc., making it easier for countertop fabricators to seamlessly offer their customers protection against the most common accidental damages. DataBridge Integrations develops software that integrates with established business systems to improve efficiency and increase productivity for countertop fabrication companies. Countertop fabricators currently using DataBridge software can easily offer their customers the Protection Plan through automated marketing outreach such as email and text messaging.

“Being an integration partner at DataBridge will help our countertop fabricators add more value for their customers with each installation,” said Frank Sciarrino, president of Granite Gold Services, a division of Granite Gold Inc. “Further, because of DataBridge’s software automation, they can easily explain the benefits of coverage, including assuming the risks of declining coverage, and all the potential damages covered in the Protection Plan.” 

Granite Gold Countertop Protection Plan fills a need for both countertop providers and consumers. For countertop providers, the Protection Plan is a competitive advantage by aligning with one of the industry-leading consumer brand in stone care – Granite Gold premium stone care and maintenance products. Further, it is easily implemented to help business owners earn more with every installation, and it eliminates potential customer service calls. For consumers, the Protection Plan is available in both five-year and 10-year options. It covers accidental damage to their new countertops that typical countertop warranties do not. Manufacturer warranties protect the integrity of the material, but do not cover accidental damage caused by the consumer. Granite Gold Countertop Protection Plan, on the other hand, covers a broad range, such as chips, cracks, pitting, scratches, etching, household stains, hard watermarks and deposits, and problems with the caulking, grout and joints. Granite Gold Services facilitates all claims and repairs.