The Florim Group inaugurated a new institutional space for the Russian market in Moscow. The concept and the external design have been studied by the internal project office and Florim Solutions division, presenting Florim’s the bestselling brands in a wide and functional location.

The space, designed in collaboration with project professionals, is a platform for events, meetings, training, and expositions. Located in a prestigious residential area in the heart of the Russian capital, the showroom is an open space designed to present Florim brands, including Floor Gres, Cerim, Rex, Casa Dolce Casa - Casamood, Cedit and Florim stone. The space is also flexible as a functional workplace. It also includes an interactive room equipped with a video projector that can host conferences, events, and educational trainings.

A wider and more functional space in comparison with its previous location is in line with the flagship store in Milan and New York, and the Cedit space in Milan.

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