The French capital is set to premiere the works of Sicis Jewels, an atelier of Sicis, theArt Mosaic Factory specializing in handcrafted micro-mosaic jewels and watches and a brand extension of the Ravenna-based company’s decorative mosaics. After three years studying the history of micro-mosaic jewelry, the new brand was first presented at Baselworld, in March, and at Couture Las Vegas, in June. Now, Sicis Jewels opening its first boutique in October 2012 in 41 Rue François 1er in the triangle d'orof the historical capital.

In the early years of the 19th century, in Paris, Caroline and Josephine Bonaparte flaunted micro-mosaic jewels crafted by the Roman masters, Castellani and Raffaelli, who would purchase their materials in Rome while on their Grand Tour.

From Ravenna -- the mosaic capital of the world and the capital of the Western Roman Empire from the 5th to the 6th century AD -- Sicis Jewels has drawn its inspiration for its mosaic art and for its micro-mosaics, mounted on gold and with diamonds to become a precious element of unique works of art. Threads of pure gold expertly cast by Sicis with nine colored glass pastes give rise to an infinite array of hues for nano tesserae that serve as a code to decipher the universal language of micro mosaics, an ageless art that has marked the history of man.

The Sicis passion for mosaics and its universally acclaimed style have encouraged exceptional designers of the caliber of Roger Thomas, with whom the company has already collaborated for the Wynn and Bellagio Hotels in Las Vegas, to put forward designs for Sicis Jewels. The collections designed by Roger Thomas for Sicis Jewels and Sicis O'Clock provide an original interpretation of Ancient Rome, in the eyes of a contemporary designer of excellence.