MAPEI has added two new solutions to its moisture-control offerings for floor-covering installations: Planiseal MSP, a moisture-control membrane, adhesive isolator, sealer, pH blocker and primer; and Planiseal PMB, a one-component, polyurethane moisture barrier and bonding agent. These two products provide new tools for flooring contractors to use when solving moisture-related issues in the field. Planiseal MSP and Planiseal PMB have been specifically designed to provide tailored performance attributes that are different from MAPEI’s current products for moisture issues.

Planiseal MSP is a two-coat, high-solids, polymer-based adhesive isolator, sealer, moisture-control membrane and self-leveling primer. It protects flooring installations against subfloor moisture and pH in concrete slabs with moisture vapor emission rates (MVERs) up to 15 lbs. (6,80 kg) per ASTM F1896, relative humidity (RH) up to 99% per ASTM F2170 and alkalinity protection up to pH of 12. Planiseal MSP may negate the need for a secondary primer for self-leveling underlayment applications. It comes in a water-based formulation for ease of use, cleanup, and storage.

Planiseal PMB is a one-component, moisture-curing, polyurethane compound that serves two purposes. It was designed to provide moisture vapor emission protection for wood and bamboo flooring on damp concrete substrates, and it also serves as a bonding agent and moisture barrier system for self-leveling underlayments when applied in a double-coat method with dry sand.

Planiseal PMB for wood-flooring applications reduces the possibility of moisture-related problems by creating a roll-coated, moisture-cured, polyurethane moisture barrier that provides visible 100% coverage on a subfloor. Used in a two-coat method with dry sand broadcast to rejection, Planiseal PMB can create a moisture barrier so that the surface is ready for a self-leveler application in as little as 6 hours.

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