According to a proprietary survey conducted by Eldorado Stone, top architects, designers and specifiers have seen a rise in the demand for neutral color palettes and linear cuts. In response to this trend, the Modern Collection by Eldorado Stone leverages the warm tones and timeless textures of authentic stone to deliver a modern look with visual and tactile appeal, including a variety of stone and brick veneers.

“Stone has been a mainstay of design for millennia, and the Modern Collection represents a unique union of traditional textures and bold, contemporary design,” said Ramsay Hawfield, vice president of marketing and product development at Eldorado Stone. “By presenting authentic textural features in a clean, linear format, the profiles in this collection are able to elevate the stark simplicity of the modern aesthetic with nuances of color, depth and shadow.”

The Modern Collection includes 14 stone and brick veneer profiles, each available in a variety of color tones.

“Natural materials have an undeniable appeal, even in many contemporary-minded spaces,” said Hawfield. “As demand increases for products that straddle the line between these design styles, the Modern Collection provides an exciting array of new forms for showcasing the ageless charm of stone and brick while preserving the simplicity of modern minimalism.”

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