The ACI Foundation’s Strategic Development Council (SDC) will host several Technology Showcases at its Technology Forum 42 taking place September 6-7, in Reston, Va. These showcases highlight new and innovative equipment, materials, and applications that have the potential to and advance the industry. The SDC collaborates across the concrete industry to address technical challenges within the industry and create a forum for the introduction and nurturing of new technologies. Twice per year, SDC hosts technology forums, which are 1.5-day technical conferences that are meant to highlight innovative technologies and research the SDC perceives as having positive productivity or economic impacts on the industry.

Oceans Technology Group will present Zero Thermal, a patented algae-based supplementary binder and additive for concrete. Zero Thermal works through exothermic reaction and formation of covalent bonds, and can provide advanced thermal properties, increased R-values, anti-corrosive attributes, and offers mold and mildew control.

Blue Planet will present “Utilization of Carbon Dioxide for Limestone Aggregate.” 40 gigaton (Gt) of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) is emitted annually, over half is released from large industrial plants, including coal and gas fired power plants, steel mills, and cement plants. This CO2 can be converted into limestone aggregate with similar properties to natural limestone aggregate.

Dan Zollinger, Ph.D., of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, will discuss the use of ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to detect the existence of moisture under concrete pavement slabs near joints. Recent research indicates that it may be feasible to use GPR to determine when a sealed joint is no longer effective. Such assessment can help to determine crack potential, and support the use of performance monitoring rather than repair to maintain a sustainable concrete pavement system.

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