The Helios Seven by Helios Automazioni is a machining center of the latest generation, developed to answer the requests of the most demanding stone fabricators doing countertop production and monument building. The entire stainless steel structure has been conceived to pursue an unlimited durability over time. The integrated Galaxy Stone Software manages it and optimizes all the functions of the machine — from a cut with the disk or a tool, to edge polishing, writing, sculpturing, inlays and shallow kerfs for rodding, as well as much more.

Helios Automazioni can offer an integral warranty of two years thanks to the use of high-quality raw materials, as well as rigorous control at any stage of the productive cycle.

The principal phases of design and realization of the machining centers — from the mechanical part, to the electronics and the software part — are managed in-house. This production autonomy affects positively both the post-sales service, which is prompt and accurate, and the extraordinary quality price ratio, according to the manufacturer.