Dal-Tile was recently voted best in several categories of the 2017 Builder Brand Use Study. For over 20 years, this annual survey, sponsored by BUILDER magazine, has been measuring builders’ brand preferences across dozens of product categories. Building professionals voted Dal-Tile highest in familiarity, used in the past two years, and most used in the ceramic tile category.

“Building professionals are a very discriminating group when it comes to materials,” said Dan Butterfield, general manager of the builder channel for Dal-Tile. “They know products. Their professional reputations, deadlines, and essentially their livelihoods can be positively or negatively impacted by the products they choose. That is why the Dal-Tile brand finds such meaning in being voted #1 by the builder community in so many categories. Dal-Tile has built a strong reputation with the builder segment as the brand, service, and support on which they can always rely. We are committed to continuing this legacy of excellence and equipping our builder community for success.”

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