CLEVELAND, OH -- The Rockhead Group USA, LLC (RGU), a stone fabrication executives’ best practices and buying group, has tripled its numbers in 2016. The group has grown organically, primarily from personal referrals and invitations from its base membership and founders. However, a goal of the organization is to have Rockheads representation in every state in the U.S. “Ultimately, we will cap at 150 members to preserve our personal connection with each and every member” said the Rockhead CEO, Dawn Kennedy, PhD. “The camaraderie of the group is credited for its value and growth.”

Brian Burns, co-owner of Cutting Edge Countertops, with its corporate office in Perrysburg, OH, concurs, “The camaraderie has been spot on within the organization to encourage an environment to help each other maximize profits.”

A key component of the organization is its stone certified vendor program.

“We work with vendors in the industry to bring our members the best products and services available in the market,” Kennedy explains. “We look at our stone certified vendors as partners, not suppliers. They are critical to our success. Every vendor is required to participate in either a significant discount or rebate to the member. The vendor program requires an extensive application which vets out each vendor for quality and service controls. We can recommend our vendor partners with confidence.”

Jon Kaplan, co-founder of the Rockhead Group, elaborates, “This year we will focus on the mutual value to the vendor and the member. Our plan is to launch an extensive and personal effort to visit our member shops and assist in determining which member rewards would bring them the greatest profit impact. Part of that effort is to expand our membership outside of the coasts into the heart of the U.S. -- Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nevada, New Mexico, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Mississippi and Texas. We expect a great deal from our vendor partners and in return we work hard to bring them additional value with new customers and increased sales.”