BETHANY, CT -- There is something new in ready-mix. Laticrete® Supercap®, a leading manufacturer of quality self-leveling materials delivered through their industry leading patented pump truck technology, recently announced that the company is introducing a new turnkey service called Supercap Ready-Mix Delivery.

Supercap's Ready-Mix model will enable end users of its self-leveling underlayments (SLUs) to get the benefits of the company's pump truck technology and quality material delivered in bulk. Supercap Ready-Mix Service will deliver its premium cementitious self-leveling underlayment directly to a jobsite, wet out of the hose. The benefits are convenient hassle-free service, consistent quality, increased jobsite safety, OSHA silica dust compliance and unmatched volume. All of these benefits combine to produce better outcomes and faster buildouts leading to significant time-savings on the project schedule.

"It's ideal for certain general contractors, concrete contractors and flooring contractors who self-perform much of their concrete work," said Laticrete Supercap president, Douglas Metchick. "They can now get access to the Laticrete Supercap System and still control their labor, costs and schedules. With our new Ready-Mix service, qualified contractors can access our pump truck technology by the project and pay for what they use wet out of the hose. They don't need to own or buy a truck."

With the launch of this new service, there are now three easy ways to access the Laticrete Supercap System: simply order Ready-Mix delivery by the project, lease a truck or buy the truck. We found that contractors using traditional methods of pouring self-leveling underlayment are making the leap to high volume systems that require less labor and create less jobsite disruption.

Laticrete Supercap is a proven Lean Construction tool that provides outstanding benefits to projects right from the start of concrete placement in Division 3 and flows through to Division 9. With the ability to pour up to 50,000 square feet (4,645 square meters) in one day and deliver material up to 50 stories high, this system has been proven with more than 100,000,000 square feet (9,290,304 square meters) installed across North America. With the increased volume the Supercap Ready-Mix pump truck provides, the general contractor can finish as much as four times more square footage in one day. It makes sense, especially when every contractor has a sharp eye on their schedules.

"The Ready Mix delivery service model has been successful since the 1960s," said Laticrete Supercap Director of Sales, Chad Love. "It made a lot of sense to introduce this proven delivery model with Laticrete Supercap. We're the only company in North America that has a mobile blending truck pouring self-leveling underlayment on the jobsite. The only thing that goes in the building is hose. This means none of the hassles of small bags on large projects which translates to a cleaner, safer jobsite with zero added silica dust contamination. That helps general contractors comply with the new OSHA silica dust rules set to be in force in July 2017."