ROGUE RIVER, OR -- Wagner Meters is proud to announce the DataMaster™ app is now available for Android users complementing the previously released iOS version. Contractors, flooring installers and others who use relative humidity (RH) testing, either the Rapid RH® 4.0 EX (single use) or Rapid RH® 5.0 (reusable), can download the DataMaster™ app to help record and report the moisture condition of concrete floor slabs.

Already recognized by industry leaders for innovation in the digital reporting of RH data, the original DataMaster™ was awarded Most Innovative Product, Industry Choice, at World of Concrete 2013 when first introduced three years ago.

Wagner Meters transformed the DataMaster™ from wireless hardware to an Android application that provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for any Android-running device. The all-new DataMaster™ app is sure to be very popular for anyone testing moisture in concrete. It collects even more data than the previous award-winning DataMaster™ and it does this with a smooth, clean interface. Now you'll enjoy wireless, seamless flow of digital data from any Wagner Meters' Rapid RH® sensor straight to your mobile device.

Combine the app with the new Rapid RH® Bluetooth® Smart Reader from Wagner Meters -- a handy device that transfers data to any Bluetooth® Low Energy mobile device, including most any newer smartphone -- and you've got everything you need for wireless, digital reporting of all your RH data.

"We've designed the app's user interface based on the best mobile design principles, so it will immediately feel familiar to you," said Jason Spangler, Flooring Division Manager for Wagner Meters. "It's as intuitive and easy-to-use as your other favorite apps."

The DataMaster™ app design makes full ASTM F2170 compliance easy -- an important consideration for successfully installing finished floors over concrete. The app comes as a convenient, economical package that offers even more features than the original DataMaster™:

●       Manually and/or automatically acquires all data necessary to comply with the ASTM F2170 standard.

●       The new Sensor Map function links all recorded data to a mapped display of all the sensors at your job site's locations. You can also integrate sensor location images with their raw data.

●       Maintains and ensures ASTM-critical data integrity by making reporting function "READ ONLY."

●       Simply creates and formats concise and detailed graphic reports.

●       Easily exports data to the dedicated website for graphing, trending, etc.

●       Prints reports directly from your smartphone to any wireless-enabled printer.

●       Emails reports directly from the app to your clients.

The DataMaster™ app is available for $99.99 at Google Play (for Android devices) and the  iTunes store (for iOS). The new Rapid RH® Bluetooth® Smart Reader, available for $189, can be purchased on Wagner Meters' website.