For this year’s Coverings show held from April 18-21, 2016 in Chicago, IL, the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) will present a large group of the most innovative and internationally renowned Italian suppliers of dimensional natural stones. 

The following Italian stone producers will be exhibiting at the ITA booth:

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2P TRADING Srl- 2P Trading has taken the traditional production of tiles, slabs and cut to size into a new and vibrant environment where customer care, superior selection of materials and an ever-increasing attention to the quality of products is the company aim. The flexibility of the company’s structure allows 2P to produce a wide variety of stone, ranging from those traditionally produced in its local quarries to the more exotic materials requested in today’s market, with the objective of supplying our valued clients with the best possible service. New for 2016 are six new materials: BiancoLatte, Vision, Rigato, Grigio Versilia, Calacatta Cremo and Calacatta V. — Booth: #2452

ADAMANTEA SRL- Adamantea is a leading supplier of marble and precious stones for world-wide high-end projects. Adamantea’s success is an in-depth understanding of the industry, commitment to quality and prompt delivery.— Booth #2651

BASALTINA- The elegance and solidity of Basaltina have long made it a favorite of architects and interior designers. Its distinctive color, unmatched beauty and exceptional resistance have made it the ideal stone for high-profile projects as its powerful visual impact adds a distinctive touch of class. Basaltina is unique as no other stone can match its subtle coloring and textures. These are a result of both the natural characteristics of the lava from which it is formed and the company’s superlative craftsmanship. Basaltina stone is ideally suited to both interiors and exteriors. — Booth: #2752

B.L.M.- B.L.M. srl has several quarries in the Custonaci region of Sicily. The company produces beautiful Pearl of Sicily (Perlato di Sicilia), Pearl Light Perlatino and White Picasso (Botticino Sicilia). Through the advanced technology used in both the mining and fabricating process, B.L.M. offers top-quality finished products and its. natural stone has been used in many projects around the World. B.L.M. professionalism guaranties optimum service. — Booth: #2454

CAMPOLONGHI ITALIA-Campolonghi is a leader in the stone industry with a long history of successfully completed projects in every part of the world. From slabs to simple flat panels to the most complex tridimensional structures, Campolonghi will satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients. The company’s 80,000-square-foot showroom is a display of hundreds of granites, white and colored marbles, travertines, onyxes and several other stones, from the classical to the newest materials on the international market. — Booth: #2749

CONSORZIO CARRARA EXPORT- Born in 1995, Consorzio Carrara Export was set up to help companies promote their exports by offering direct support and assistance and carrying out promotions and market penetration activities. The C.C.E. is a no-profit association for small- and medium-sized companies placed in Massa Carrara or neighboring provinces. Today, some of the most important companies of the stone sector of the apuan area join the Consorzio.— Booth: #2450

DANESI CARGO- Since 1954, Mr. Umberto Danesi set up his freight forwarder company in his name, located in Carrara, then changed it to Danesi Spedizioni srl. The entire Danesi family is involved in sea, inland and airfreight shipments being Carrara the historical and major center of natural stones market and technical processing. On January 2007 sister company Danesi Cargo srl started her activities in B/B and full container shipments of Coils and marble/granite blocks. In a couple of years Danesi Cargo srl developed her actions in shipping business increasing it in volume and countries involved. Branch offices are now active in Brazil, USA, India, China and Turkey. — Booth: #2657

DECOLORES ITALIA- Decolores Italia is an experienced and dynamic firm strongly present in the natural stone industry. Directly connected with the major marble quarries in Carrara, it specializes in supplying the most prestigious white marbles such as Statuario, Calacatta, Bianco Carrara and Venato, accompanied by onyx, travertine and other rare materials. The company’s inventory averages 1 million square meters, which is available in 2 and 3 cm slabs and specific cut-to-size when needed. — Booth: #2449

EUROGRANITI - Eurograniti SRL was founded in 1992 in Comiso, Italy. The company works in the production and marketing of marble and granite. Thanks to the family’s experience in the stone sector and their passion for the search for new materials and working techniques, today the company has been very successful in the international market, offering its customers only the highest quality of products. — Booth: #2454

G.D.A. Marmi e Graniti SRL- GDA Marmi SRL has been working in the world stone market for over 50 years. It has built its activity on a solid basis like experience, professionalism and high production capacity. GDA Marmi SRL owns the “Madielle” quarry, which is one of the most important quarries for extension and size. From different sides of the quarry, can be extracted different kind of materials: White Carrara Venato, White Carrara Venatino, Statuarietto , Arabescato M. and Bardiglio. — Booth: #2550

I CONCI- I Conci srl creates products of a highly refined design using natural stone. The color, shape, elegance and harmony of natural marble is what the company communicates through products such as wash basins, bathtubs, showers and furnishing accessories. The company can create customized products to meet its customers’ specific requirements with regard to color and shape. Consolidated skills and constant technological innovation allow the company to be in complete control over the processing work: from quarrying the solid stone to cutting it into thin large-sized slabs; from enhancing a particular natural texture to treating a surface so that it has the feel of a smooth river-worn pebble. As the company holds worldwide exclusivity rights, it can offer its customers unique stone and marble which is carefully selected by stone experts and sourced from its own quarries. — Booth: #2550

IDEALMARMI- Ideal Marmi is a company specialized in the processing of marble, granite and engineered manmade stone products like thresholds, window sills and corners. Co-exhibiting with Domos, the group has enlarged its range of products with tiles, mosaics, moldings, cut-to-size pieces and customized projects. The companies carry out all phases of the production process directly, from the procurement of the blocks in the quarry to the finished products; passion, quality, flexibitliy and service are its daily strength. — Booth: #2548

INMARMO- Inmarmo Ltd. was established by the will of three members who compose it, and is engaged in the processing and trade of natural stones. The juncture of three different professional experiences, has created an innovative idea of stone materials, as well as innovative for the sector is the fact that the shareholding is “pink,” 100%, being composed exclusively of women. — Booth: #2559

ITALIAN TRADE COMMISSION- ITA - Italian Trade Agency, is the Italian government organization which promotes the internationalization of the Italian companies, in line with the strategies of the Ministry for Economic Development. The ITA Los Angeles office has a program of activities to promote the Italian Natural Stone Industry in the U.S. market through a wide range of programs aimed to assist Italian and foreign businesses connect with each other. — Booth: #2553

LA PONTE MARMI- La Ponte Marmi Srl is an international company which serves the marble and granite sector since 1966, and it offers different alternatives to the world market with a large selection of products and finishings. It supplies a wide range of granites, marbles, limestones and onyx in slabs, tiles and any type of cut-to-size pieces. Thanks to our large experience we can offer a complete turnkey package for private and public projects, and it is able to satisfy every kind of customer’s needs. Competitive prices, customer service and quality of the products are our final goal. — Booth: #2552

MANZI MARMI - Founded in 1958 in Trani, Puglia, Manzi Marmi fabricates natural stone ranging from serial to custom-designed production. The material used comes exclusively from company-owned quarries located in Southern Italy. The production cycle is organized in order to guarantee quality and service to the clients with the least impact on the environment with a responsible use of mineral resources. — Booth: #2758

MARGRAF SpA- Margraf’s story started in Chiampo (Vicenza, Italy) in 1906. Today Margraf is a leading, world stakeholder in this field. Among many other pluses, Margraf owes its worldwide established reputation to its skillful extraction of marble and the ability to transform it into finished slabs or tiles and to provide a huge array of excellent products for building construction and architecture.— Booth: #2457

MARMI COLOMBARE- Marmi Colombare srl was founded in 1978 by Borchia Luigi. Now Marmi Colombare srl is carried out by his three sons, Andrea,Claudio and Matteo. The factory is located in Verona, Italy, and is equipped with the most up-to-date machinery. Marmi Colombare srl specializes in the production of marble tiles, marble slabs, cut-to-size, mosaics and moldings It deals just with marble, and its products are shipped all over the world. The company’s attention to details in the selection of raw materials has always been imperative and passion of all our team. — Booth: #2448

MARVIT- Marvit is one of the leading specialized manufacturers of marble tiles, mainly made with the finest Italian marbles of Carrara. Tiles are supplied calibrated and beveled in different sizes, with a thickness of 3/8. With over 40 years’ experience in working natural stone, Marvit is synonymous with quality, reliability, competence and innovation. — Booth: #2755

SALVINI MARMI- Salvini Marmi is located in Brescia (Italy), near its own Botticino quarry and is working in a covered area of about 100.000 square feet. All processes are guaranteed with utmost efficiency and quality, targeting the “tradition meets technology” philosophy. Daily standard production: 60 ton of blocks, 8,500 square feet of tiles and 3,800 square feet of slabs. — Booth: #2756

SANTUCCI GRANITI- The advanced stoneworking capabilities of the Santucci Group are not only evidenced at its plant in Carrara, Italy, but also in completed architectural projects throughout the world. Working with some of the top names in architecture and design, the company has become renowned for unique cut-to-size projects in a broad range of materials.

In 1995, the company broke into separate divisions. Santucci Graniti srl is the slab department; Santucci Armando srl is the cut-to-size division; and Santucci U.S. Corp. in Miami following closely all clients across U.S. — Booth: #2556

SAVEMA- Savema is an international leader in the processing of marble, granite and other natural stones, founded in 1975 by initiative of two families, Piacentini and Volterrani. Thanks to the founders’ market talent and their long-term experience in the stone business, in less than a decade Savema has established itself as one of the leading global players for the supply of architectural stone works for projects of high quality and large scale. At the same time, Savema started the processing and sales of marble, granite and other stone in slabs / semi-finished products, becoming one of the best-known distributors for many marble workshops and importers worldwide. — Booth: #2655

S.I.L.MAR/Menga Marmi - Since 1967, S.I.L.MAR. has been a leading supplier of marble tiles, cut-to-size and slabs. Production includes Breccia Oniciata Damascata, Botticino Fiorito and Semiclassico, Bianco Carrara, Grigio Bardiglio, Fior di Bosco, Perlino White, Giallo Reale, Cremaluna, Mystery/Rhino White, Grey Fossena, Thala Grey and Beige. S.I.L.MAR. is located in Botticino, named after the famous stone. Menga’s Marmi was born in Trani in 1900, and processes marble and stone in various sectors, from construction to urban architecture of various styles. — Booth: #2757

STILARTE Srl - Since 1999, Stilarte Srl is an Italian company based in Modena specializing in the production of marble and natural stone mosaics and tiles. It exports its Made in Italy products all over the world. The company can offer a wide range of mosaics and tiles in different patterns, sizes and finishes. Its products are manufactured and selected with the highest quality standards and satisfies all the different market requests from the ancient look to the latest modern style. — Booth: #2456

TRE EMME - LANDI GROUP - Tre Emme and Landi Group have a long time tradition in the marble business that starts at the beginning of the last century. Thanks to the efforts during more than four generations, to a dynamic organization and to the promptness in the service offered, the company quickly became one of the leading companies involved in the natural stone business. — Booth: #2554

WALL GRANITE SERVICE - Located in Bolgare (BERGAMO) north of Italy, Wall Granite Service specializes in the production of high-quality granite and marble thinner tiles. It produces a complete range of colors and materials, from the standard to the exotic and exclusive ones, in a variety of sizes and many finishes. The company guarantees speedy delivery for high-quality materials with a competitive price. — Booth: #2653