For this year’s Coverings show held from April 14 to 17, 2015 in Orlando, FL, the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) will present a large group of the most innovative and internationally renowned Italian suppliers of dimensional natural stones. The following Italian stone producers will be exhibiting at the ITA booth:

ITA - Italian Trade Agency is the Italian government organization which promotes the internationalization of the Italian companies, in line with the strategies of the Ministry for Economic Development. The ITA Los Angeles Office has a program of activities to promote the Italian Natural Stone Industry in the U.S. market through a wide range of programs aimed to assist Italian and foreign businesses connect with each other.

2P - Tile producers for tradition, in 2P Trading a young and flexible team is dedicated to satisfy the most various customers’ requests about marble. We offer a wide range of materials (with a special eye to those of the Apuanian region), a rich number of standard sizes and the largest possibility of customizing every kind of project.

Basaltina – Basaltina was used by the ancient Romans to build the roads and monuments of their empire. In 1925, Giuseppe Tecchi managed to fulfill his life’s dream and founded Basaltina. The company is nowadays internationally recognized and Basaltina stone has given life to some of the most famous architects projects and creations around the world.

Campolonghi Italia - Campolonghi is leader in the stone industry with a long history of successfully completed projects in every part of the world. From slabs to simple flat panels to the most complex tridimensional structures, Campolonghi will satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients.

Caucci Marble - Caucci Marble is a leading company in the production of blocks, slabs, cut-to-size and more of Roman Travertine directly from its roman travertine quarry, Botticino, breccia orniciata, bianco carrara, crema marfil, marron emperador and nero marquina.

Danesi - Since 1954, Mr. Umberto Danesi set up his freight forwarder company in his name, located in Carrara, then changed in Danesi Spedizioni srl. The whole Danesi family is involved in sea, inland and airfreight shipments being Carrara the historical and major center of natural stones market and technical processing.

Eurograniti - Eurograniti SRL was founded in 1992 in Comiso, Italy. We work in the production and marketing of marble and granite. Thanks to family experience in the stone sector, the seriousness, the professionally of those who manage, as well as the passion for the search for new materials and new working techniques, today the company has been very successful in the international market, offering its customers only the highest quality of products.

GDA Marble & Granite - GDA has been working in the natural stone market for over 40 years. GDA owns quarries that extract the following materials: WHITE CARRARA VENATO, WHITE CARRARA VENATINO, ARABESCATO M, STATUARIETTO, BARDIGLIO. We produce and sell blocks, as well as slabs which we cut in our own plant.

GMC S.p.A. - GMC S.p.A. has been operating in the marble and granite field since 1973. The modern equipped plants and the high qualified staff, including the entire processing chain, from the quarry to the final execution of the orders; complying with the arranged schedule, to the strictly selection of the various marbles and granites, are pushing the GMC S.p.A. to be the market leader.

Idealmarmi - Idealmarmi is a company specialized in the production of marble, granite and agglomerate products like thresholds, window sills, corners and tiles. The company carries out all phases of the production process directly, from the procurement of the blocks in the quarry to the finished products. In collaboration with other group companies (MARMOBON and DOMOS), it succeeds in responding with flexibility, even the most difficult and unusual requests its clients may make.

InMarmo - The InMarmo LTD was established by the will of three members who compose it, and is engaged in the processing and trade of natural stones. The juncture of three different professional experiences, has created an innovative idea of stone materials as well as innovative for the sector is the fact that the shareholding is “pink” 100%, being composed exclusively of women.

Lapointe Marmi - Our company serves granite sector and offers different alternatives to world market with a large selection of products, surface’s finishings and competitive prices for granite and onyx that we deliver all over the world.

Manzi Marmi - Founded in 1958 in Trani, Puglia, Manzi Marmi fabricates natural stone ranging from serial to custom designed production; the material used comes exclusively from company owned quarries located in Southern Italy. The production cycle is organized in order to guarantee quality and service to the clients with the least impact on the environment with a responsible use of mineral resources.

Margraf - Margraf’s story started in Chiampo (Vicenza, Italy) in 1906. Today Margraf is a leading, world stakeholder in this field. Among many other pluses, Margraf owes its worldwide established reputation to its skillful extraction of marble and the ability to transform it into finished slabs or tiles and to provide a huge array of excellent products for building construction and architecture.

Marmi Bruno Zanet - From more than 50 years, Bruno Zanet has been dealing with natural stones in all their different expressions. As early as 1972, Bruno Zanet created the first depot in Volargne (Verona), the precursor of the other important logistical centres like Avenza (Massa Carrara), Grezzana (Verona), Vigo (Spain), Antwerp (Belgium) and Vitoria (Brazil).

Marmi Stranda s.r.l. - Marmi Strada s.r.l. is a company founded in 1983, which today, after 30 years – has become a well-established craft enterprise in the field of the processing of natural materials like marble and granite. The innovative spirit and the use of new technologies have enabled it to improve day by day, gathering great experience.

Marvit - Marvit is one of the leading specialized manufacturers of marble tiles, mainly made with the finest Italian marbles of Carrara, such as: Bianco Carrara C/D, Bianco Venatino, Statuario Venato and Calacatta Oro. Tiles are supplied in different sizes, with thickness “3/8”.

Pimar-Pimar Srl, supplies directly from Italy beautiful Italian limestone from its own quarries in different colors such as beige, grey, white and coral stone, with different finishing, dimensions, customized service and if requested original architectural design made to customer’s specifications.

S.I.L.MAR- Since 1967 S.I.L.MAR. has been a leading supplier of marble tiles, cut-to-size and slabs. Our production includes Breccia Oniciata Damascata, Botticino Fiorito and Semiclassico, Bianco Carrara, Grigio Bardiglio, Fior di Bosco, Perlino White, Giallo Reale, Cremaluna, Mystery/Rhino White, Grey Fossena, Thala Grey and Beige. S.I.L.MAR. is located in the beautiful area of Botticino, named after the famous stone.

Salvini Marmi - Salvini Marmi is located in Brescia (Italy), near his own Botticino quarry and is working in a covered area of about 100,000 Sf. All processes are guaranteed with utmost efficiency and quality, targeting the “tradition meets technology” philosophy. Daily standard production: 60 Ton of Blocks, 8,500 Sf of Tiles, 3,800 Sf of Slabs.

Savema - Savema is an international leader in the processing of marble, granite and other natural stones, founded in 1975 by initiative of two families, Piacentini and Volterrani. Savema started the processing and sales of marble, granite and other stone in slabs / semi-finished products, becoming one of the best-known distributors for many marble workshops and importers worldwide.

Teseo Marmi - Teseo Marmi is located in the area of Trani, the second area in Italy famous for extraction of marble, and was founded in year 1969 by his owner Alfredo Teseo, that is still owner and president of the company. Specialized in the production of floor tiles, wall coverings, cut to size and mosaics, our company is world renowned for its high quality standard and unique materials.

Travertini Giansanti - The company has been working since 1968 in the specific sector of roman travertine stone . It works on its own property which covers a total of 400,000 M2 in the historycal deposit of travertine stone : “valle pilella” and “le fosse” in the municipal territory of guidonia-montecelio in roma province. Our Italian travertines are produced and traded in raw blocks, slabs, tiles and cut to size.

Tre Emme and Landi Group- Tre Emme and Landi Group have a long time tradition in marble business that starts at the beginning of the last century. Thanks to the efforts during more than four generations, to a dynamic organization and to the promptness in the service offered, we quickly became one of the leading companies involved in natural stone business.

Wall Granite Service - The Wall Granite Service was created by experience of MARBLES MECCA Spa historical company in the sector since 1959. Its main activity and paid to the transformation of the granite and marble tiles and thin tiles, i.e., with reduced thickness in 10 mm.