OBERLIN, OH and CHESTERTOWN, NY Women in Stone has announced the launch of a mentorship program for women in the stone industry. The program will pair industry veterans and newcomers, providing an important opportunity to build relationships and learn about the industry. Pairs will receive monthly guidance emails throughout the six month program to help them get to know each other and their respective career goals. These guidance emails will provide reminders and resources to help ensure engagement and success in the program. Mentorship topics will include the following:

  • stone industry knowledge
  • sales, marketing, and communication
  • technical knowledge
  • management, leadership, and career advancement
  • professional networking

"The Women in Stone mentorship program was developed to ensure a strong pipeline of women to contribute to the continued growth and development of the stone industry," said Kathy Spanier (Coldspring), program chair for the Women in Stone mentorship committee. "The most exciting thing for me is the number of women that have come forward and shown interest by signing up and participating in our programs. The energy is positive and reinforces that the program is much needed. The majority of the women who have signed up for the Women in Stone mentorship program are young and/or new to the industry. This is a great opportunity, as I see them as the next generation that will continue the growth and strength of the stone industry. It is our role to engage them along their mentorship journey."

On April 20th at 1:30 p.m., Women in Stone will hold a speed mentoring Workshop at Coverings. This workshop, led by Julie Kantor of Twomentor, will give attendees the chance to participate in an organized rotation to build relationships and establish a network of peers within the stone industry. To register for this free workshop, visit www.coverings.com.

Pairs will be matched in early May 2016. The deadline to register is Wednesday, April 27. To register for the program, please visit www.naturalstoneinstitute.org/womeninstone.