MARIETTA, GA - Lackmond Stone, a distributor of professional tools and equipment, is now the exclusive supplier of FIMAD, a manufacturer of metal and resin bond diamond tooling for the stone and ceramic industries. FIMAD is an Italian company founded in 1995 by Luca Chemoli. Since its infancy, FIMAD has always focused on new technologies, research and development and customized products.  The brand is well known in the stone industry for its superior tooling designed for auto-edge machines. In addition, they manufacturer texturing and antique tooling, as well as bridge saw blades.  FIMAD has manufacturing and distribution centers in Italy, Brazil and India.

Lackmond Stone and FIMAD's partnership will allow them better serve customers by providing superior tooling, technical support, solutions, service, extensive inventory and overall operational efficiency.  Lackmond Stone is committed to maintaining the current distribution model that FIMAD has created in the U.S.  The manufacturing and technology that FIMAD offers, alongside Lackmond Stone's operational and distribution model, will help serve customers and provide solutions, allowing them become more efficient and profitable.

"This union between FIMAD and Lackmond Stone is a perfect marriage," said Ted Skaff, VP of Marketing for Lackmond Stone. "FIMAD's innovative products alongside Lackmond Stone's operational and service model will help better serve our customers, making sure they have the latest technology, on-time delivery and the best technical support."