The 2015 edition of Cersaie is where Lapitec® will launch two important novelties conceived to enrich the range of solutions. The company offers even more choices for outdoor and indoor solutions, but also for kitchen countertops and flooring thanks to a new collection with three new colors and finishes.

In 2015, the company expanded its novelties for the exhibition, where it has been a protagonist for several years now. The new finishes, which will be added to the four existing ones, and the three new colors (including Arabesque), created to enrich their color palette, will be presented on the market. Skyline is instead a new project: a collection of utmost character, conceived to offer even more choices.

The technical qualities remain those of the full body sintered stone that was introduced in Italy and abroad. Lapitec® was chosen as a material of excellence for kitchen countertops, internal coatings, ventilated walls, walkways and furnishing since its launch. Today, the company adds three new finishes to the collection.

  • Arena is a smooth and sandblasted finish with a regular grain that confers a natural dynamism to the entire slab. This processing of sintered stone makes colors lighter, making the vivacity of colors stand out. Arena expresses its utmost potential on outdoor applications.
  • Lithos is a finely wrinkled surface. The effect is stunning because it creates soft and natural colors. Thanks to its subtle depressions, the result always provides new perceptions to the touch. Lithos is versatile, velvety and elegant: perfect for kitchen countertops, surfaces and the external walkways of yachts and pools.
  • Dune recalls the sand of the desert, where the wind gently molds the landscape. It is soft to the touch and new color vibrations can be discovered with every ray of light. The optical effect is that of a naturally broken stone, very similar to slate: a modern and elegant solution for kitchen countertops and wall coatings.

The name Skyline reveals its ideal application: ventilated walls, but also large flat surfaces. It is a textured finish with a delicate roughness, like parchment paper: a ready to be installed solution, suitable for projects where the aesthetic value is combined to a careful optimization of the expenses. The novelty the company introduced will be available in three colors -- Cream, Cement and Anthracite -- and was studied to satisfy the most important color trends of building finishes worldwide. Skyline is a project aimed to provide architects and designers with new opportunities: its versatility maintains the exceptionally technical and technological features of the entire Lapitec® range.

Two choices at the extremes of the color palette: Mocha and Arctic. The first is a warm color, a shade that was missing from the palette of the Lapitec® sintered stone and that expresses warm and Mediterranean touches. Arctic, however, is a very light white, ethereal for the purity of its color. An Arabesque is added to these new colors: Michelangelo. It's a light base inside which the veins can be seen. The fact that Lapitec® is full body amplifies the natural effect of this Arabesque: every vein passes all the way through the thickness of the slab, conferring a feeling of depth, thanks to the effects that can be seen between the bottom and top of the stone. For more information, visit