Disco has introduced its Corsair III series core bits. For drilling granite, marble, porcelain and composite material, a precision long-lasting core bit is a must.

According to Disco, benefits of the new core bits include:

• The diamond core bit segments are a pattern aligned type giving a smooth precision cutting action.

• There is always pressure when cutting with a core bit so to enhance the strength, Disco has created a V-Groove in the core with a mirror image on the segment so the segment and core bit adhere together causing a strengthening action during the drilling portion.

• Slotted cores. As the core bit can be run wet or dry, these larger slots act as a cooling agent for carrying the water or air, keeping the bit cooler wet or dry. A working chill factor.

With this design, the emphasis is for the bit to cut freely. Disco has added vacuum brazing — both on the outside, as well as the inside core itself. This ensures a very clean cut. The company has discovered that using a rectangular design of the vacuum brazing and putting at an angle gives better action in the rotary speed of the bit.

The inside vacuum brazing helps cutting and frees up the exit of the core material slug.