The EXTESA 41 CNCoff series bridge saw with extended stroke in X and Y axis was developed specifically for cutting larger ceramic slabs now being produced. Manufactured by Gmm S.p.A., the saw is a fast and precise machine suitable for high productivity and complex processing. The machine performs vertical, miter, parallel, orthogonal and oblique cuts with its head orientation. Brushless motors and the precise linear bearing system — combined with axis interpolation — allow maximum precision to perform the perfect cut.

The machine can be operated as a digital saw with fully integrated camera and vacuum (optional on request). The piece can locate simply by dragging and dropping the shape (dxf drawing) on to the slab’s picture or manually by acting on the joystick. The saw satisfies large-scale production and easily manages profiling, shape, arc cuts and polygons.

The main structure of the machine, such as the bridge and the machine cutting table, are manufactured in heavy stud hot galvanized steel, stabilized before the milling process to ensure accuracy and reliability over a long period.

The blade cover is manufactured in aluminum with a plastic cover for long life. All the running linear bearing guides are covered with anti-dust bellow. The surface is protected by sandblasting and a hot deep galvanize treatment to prevent corrosion.

All the machine axes are driven by brushless motors with absolute encoder to ensure the immediate restart after power failure without losing the work in progress. This feature will avoid the need to continuously reference the machine.

With this machine, Gmm introduces ceramic cut technology, with stress relief, adjustable start and end cut feed independent from the center cut feed and adjustable from the speed control wheel on the pendent control.