MIAMI, FL — Andean Stone Co., the Miami, FL-based sales, warehousing and distribution logistics center for Minera Roca Andina has introduced a completely new totally revamped and easy-to-use website for 2014 at STONE CO.NEW  WEBSITE F

The Andean Stone Co. has a far-reaching global distribution network including multiple locations in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Latin and Central America, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Italy and several other locations across Europe. The new website is a modernized, stylish upgrade designed by Fernando Venturello of OWEUX in collaboration with Raul Flores of Make it RF. The website copy was provided by Eric Carson of Blueprint Global Media. After consultations with the Andean Stone Co., the creator’s goals for the new site were to make it easier for its existing global distribution network to use, as well as to showcase its rare, exotic and beautiful architectural natural stone.