Arizona Tile has been proud to provide exceptional customer service since 1977, and with advancements in technology, Arizona Tile is excited to expand their scope of our customer service. Arizona Tile recently implemented a new website with state-of-the-art functionality. A clean, organized layout makes this new site extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Customers can conveniently browse through products and hover over a selected material to see the sizes available and an image of those sizes. Social media links on each page make it easy to share a favorite image with friends, or to save it for later.

This website also allows quick access to Arizona Tile's state-of-the-art Online Slab Yard. This unprecedented tool allows customers to view current lots of slab material, making it easier to communicate with their contractors and designers. This feature also provides customers with the opportunity to see the color variation between various lots of stone and determine which lot of slabs may work best for them. The Online Slab Yard is updated in real time so customers will be able to tell if the material they're interested in is still available. Through this feature customers can search by material type, name, thickness or slab size. Once they see something they like, they have the ability to save it to their favorites for a quick reference later on.

Additionally, through the website customers can access Arizona Tile's Just Imagine program, which has also been recently updated. This program boasts modern room scenes and allows customers to view various slab material, backsplash tile and floor tile together in one space. This allows them to gain an understanding of how all of the items will coordinate with each other in the same room. Customers can get an even better visual of their materials in their space by uploading an image of their own home. Once they've uploaded and mapped out their image, they can input any of Arizona Tile's materials and see how they would look installed in their room.

Similarly, Arizona Tile's Just Design program gives customers the opportunity to create custom backsplashes, feature walls, mosaics, listelles and medallions. Stone, porcelain, glass and mirror options are available for each design. In the program a customer can select the type of product they're interested in and the layout, then input different color and material combinations to create exactly the look they're interested in.

Arizona Tile's updated website uses similar technologies to allow customers to create custom glass and stone/tile materials. Their Custom Blend program allows customers to create glass mosaics by selecting a pattern layout, and inputting up to 14 different glass colors.

For the on-the-go customer, all of these features are available through the Arizona Tile App. For more information, visit