Outfitted with all the patented precision of the 3000PRO Model, the C360 Saw from AccuGlide, which is made in the U.S., is ready to cut and profile circles all day long in just 20 minutes. Competitively priced, it includes the C360 Saw, the ProCircle Attachment and a premium circle cutting blade.C360 Saw from AccuGlide

The ProCircle Tri-Suction Base supplies 110 pounds of clamping force without risk of movement on all polished surfaces. An option for clamping base to flamed and leather surface is coming, reports AccuGlide. 

A special base design with captured felt slides have been extensively tested and are proven to be scratch resistant. Also, it works well on marble, onyx and limestone. (Note: clean felt pads when switching from granite to marble.)

Options include:

  • Arms: 72- and 120-inch arm lengths for cuts up to 240 inches in diameter
  • Profiles: Ready for 6-inch QT Profile Wheels offered in 3/8 inches,            
  • Bullnose, 1/2 bullnose, 1/4 - 5/8 inches bevel and 2cm ogee  
  • Blades: BQTC6 - 6 inches QT Circle Cut - for 2cm cut depths
  • BQTCA7 7 inches QT Carrera - for 3cm cut depths

The new C360 Sw has a Quiet & TrueTM blade silencer and fully modified Bosch motor. It is engineered with a patented rigid design that makes for a straight-forward set-up and it is easy to use.