For many years now, fabricators have relied on Cemar Electro’sflagshipbridge sawlaser, the CL-830b red laser. Known for its durability, power and line quality, it has become the “go-to” replacement laser in North America.Cemar Electro’s flagship bridge saw laser

Now Cemar Electro is proud to welcome the GL-815B Green laser to its lineup, with 15 mw of green laser power, it is brighter than the 830B red and delivers a super sharp line from beginning to end. While green laser technology has been slow to enter the industrial market, due to durability and a sensitive temperature range, Cemar Electro has overcome these issues and backs every laser with its two-year “no-nonsense” warranty.

With so many offshore disposable lasers on the market today it pays to ask questions, such as where it was made, whether it is it reparable, the temperature range, the repair costs and the lifespan in hours.

All of Cemar’s lasers have 20,000-hour diodes, have a temperature range of 1 to 100 degrees F, are reparable and made in the U.S. In most cases, the company offers 48-hour service on repairs. 

The advantages of green versus red can be seen in the brightness and the ability to see the laser well on dark polished material and in higher lighting. The GL-815B comes complete with Cemar’s easy-to-install CE-hps-801 bracket that retrofits onto any saw. All power configurations can be supported so the laser can adapt to any saw.

For more information call 800-298-5273 or visit the company’s website.