MK Diamond Products now offers Suhnerhand grinders/polishers for the stone and tile industry. Since 1914, Suhner has been designing, engineering and manufacturing tools for surface finishing. The MK Diamond product offering includes two electric and three pneumatic grinders.MK Diamond Products

“MK Diamond is always looking for a way to offer tile and stone professionals products to make their jobs easier,” said Brian Delahaut, Vice President of MK Diamond Products, Inc. “The addition of these Suhner polishers/grinders rounds out the MK line of hand tools in this area.” The Suhner line-up includes two electric grinders that polish, shape and grind.

The UXJ 2 Right Angle Grinder is a 2-horsepower, 2,300-RPM, unit weighing 5.4 pounds; the UXF 4-R Right Angle Grinder is a 1½-horsepower, 1,600-3,500 RPM grinder. Both are used for polishing surfaces and edges of sink holes and counter edges. Both models use 4-inch flexible diamond pads with backer pad for polishing natural stone, granite, glass and engineered stone. Common features include carbon brushes with automatic cut-out to protect the armature, inline GFCI, adjustable water valve for flow control, soft-start technology to ensure that the tool starts up smoothly and a lock-button for fast wheel changes.

The three pneumatic grinders are quiet with low vibration. The LXB-10, a powerful angled grinder with 10,000 RPM, weighs less than 1 pound, thus reducing operator fatigue. The LXC 2, which offers lower RPM at 2,000, is designed for engineered stone. Both are compact and have a 2-inch maximum pad diameter for use in small spaces. The LXE 3 grinder has 3,000 RPM, and a 4-inch pad diameter. This grinder/polisher is good for use on marble, limestone and granite.