The MK-212-6 from MK Diamond Products, Inc. is a rugged, yet portable professional stone saw suitable for use on any jobsite. The MK-212-6 makes possible 72-inch cuts in material up to 3 inches thick. The 12-inch blade capacity also provides a 2 ½-inch depth of cut on 45-degree miter cuts. It features a powerful 2-horsepower, 120-volt direct-drive motor and an adjustable built-in miter system that allows cuts on all angles from 45 to 90 degreesMK-212-6.

The adjustable height cutting head is mounted on a roller-bearing carriage running on a stainless steel rail for superior accuracy and is spring loaded for easy plunge cuts. A pivoting blade guard makes changing blades easy and accommodates profile wheels up to 10 inches in diameter. The MK-212-6 has an efficient water delivery system to suppress dust and cool the blade, and a removable water manifold for easy cleaning. The saw frame incorporates a built-in stand with removable legs.

Built-in carrying handles make for easy lifting and optional transport wheels are available. Die-cast aluminum components reduce weight without compromising structural integrity while heavy gauge steel assures that the MK-212 is the most durable and accurate saw in the market today. The saw includes a water pump, rip guide and a 12-inch adjustable cutting guide. The MK-212 is manufactured in the U.S.A.

MK Diamond Products is a world leader in the manufacturing of quality tools for cutting concrete, ceramic, masonry, stone and asphalt materials. MK Diamond Products is an American-owned family business.