AKRON, OH -- Super SAM® 125 Sound Control Membrane, the most effective all-purpose membrane on the market, which is manufactured by NAC Products, Inc, has achieved an IIC of 51, Delta IIC 22 and an STC 54 on a bare, 6-inch concrete slab.

Architectural Testing, Inc., a subsidiary of Intertek, was contracted by NAC to conduct, impact sound transmission, delta impact sound transmission and airborne sound transmission loss tests. The acoustical tests were conducted in accordance with standards, ASTM E 492, ASTM E 2179 and ASTM E 90.

"We are very excited to have Super SAM® earn this rating," said Vice President of Operations, Brian Petit. "An IIC rating of 51 on a bare, 6-inch concrete slab is something very few products in our industry have the distinction of achieving."

The IIC (Impact Insulation Class) is a rating used to evaluate the performance of the floor/ceiling assembly from impact sounds that directly impact the floor below, such as foot traffic or dragging furniture across the floor.

Delta IIC is the truest and most accurate measurement of the membrane system and is determined by taking the measurement of the floor assembly prior to the installation of the acoustical membrane system and recording the IIC rating. The same test is then conducted with the membrane system in place which results in a higher IIC rating. The difference between these measurements is the Delta IIC rating.

The STC (Sound Transmission Class) is a rating used to evaluate the performance of the floor/ceiling assembly from airborne sounds like people talking or the sound from a radio or television.

Most building codes call for minimum IIC and STC ratings between 45 and 50. "The Delta IIC of 22 is the highest in the industry," said Petit. "Unlike recycled rubber, Super SAM® is not compressible and out performs rubber since it was designed for setting tile, stone and other hard surface flooring on while also providing up to 3/8-inch of crack isolation protection."

NAC offers a variety of floor protection systems for crack isolation, sound control, waterproofing and moisture control over substrates like concrete, wood, tile and backer board among others. For more information, call 800-633-4622 or visit www.NACproducts.com.