Vacuum Lifter-Tilter

Product Description:A line of standard, modular lifter-tilters that are offered with either electric or compressed-air power for handling heavy slabs weighing up to 2,000 pounds are available from Anver Corp. of Hudson, MA.

Anver ET-AT Series Vacuum Lifter-Tilters let one person manipulate heavy slabs from the horizontal to the vertical and back while using a remote control. Offered in electric- and compressed-air powered versions, they are equipped with four large rectangular suction pads with bonded seals, non-skid surfaces and shallow lips to evenly distribute holding forces.

Featuring a check valve and built-in vacuum loss sensor with audio-visual alarms for optimum operator safety, Anver ET-AT Series Vacuum Lifter-Tilters are offered in 500-, 1000- and 2000-pound capacities. They are modular with 2-, 3- and 4-pad designs and adjustable cross arms for handling slabs up to 8 x 10 feet. Applications include stone, steel, composite and glass panels.

Anver ET-AT Series Vacuum Lifter-Tilters are priced from $2,695, depending upon capacity and configuration — including foam seals for handling rough surfaces. Price quotations are available upon request.



100% Zero-Discharge Water Recycling System

Product Description:Designed for 100% water recycling and closed-loop operation, the Hy-Pack® system from Beckart Environmental filters influent from saws, polishers and CNC equipment down to below 1 micron, and then it routes the clean water back for use in the fabrication process. The recessed plate filter presses are expandable as future needs dictate, and they are available with automatic plate shifters. These fully automated systems include company-engineered PLC control panels, and fabricators deal directly with the manufacturer throughout the planning, installation and support phases of all critical equipment. All systems are backed by a factory-trained network of regional support technicians for years of reliable service.


Cyclone by Diamax

Dry-Cutting Porcelain Blade

Product Description:Cyclone by Diamax has developed a dry cutting porcelain blade that eliminates heat buildup. The absence of heat while cutting dry is the first of its kind. With lower cutting temperatures comes longer life and zero glazing situations. Nothing cuts the hardest of porcelains faster and cleaner with Cyclone’s new rim design.


Diamant Boart

Breaking and Calibrating Tool for Edges

Product Description: The new Calibreaker from Diamant Boart allows operators to calibrate and break the edge of granite in one step. It is two tools in one and a true timesaver. It allows operators to gauge the stone and round off the bottom of the profile in one quick step, cutting down on fabrication time. The cut created is smooth to the touch and nearly perfect. The Calibreaker is available with a bevel or radius edge to ensure operators can get the look they want.


ETemplate System

Electronic Templating System

Product Description: ELaserTM is the newest addition to ETemplate System’s line of award-winning 3D measuring technologies. ELaser is the only system that dynamically creates a completed countertop drawing as measurements are taken without the use of CAD. The system auto-draws backsplashes, overhangs, corner radii and cabinet edges to user specifications. It also scribes the wall (with auto offset if desired), auto-calculates linear and square footages and more. The new ELaser CAD provides flexibility to modify the design after measurement is complete.

ELaser utilizes the newest technology that includes real time video with a precision crosshair target with single-beam accuracy. The live video allows the user to photograph the jobsite for documentation purposes.

The system has built-in wi-fi between the laser and the included netbook. It is self-leveling, and notifies the user when the system has been bumped or moved and has a built-in relocation tool, can layout level/plumb points and DXF projection points for difficult installs.

Also available is a “Pro” version that can measure complete 3D space. This is especially useful for cladding applications.



Dry Polishing Pads

Product Description: GranQuartz offers its new ProSeries® Dry Polishing Pads. The ProSeries Dry Polishing Pads are designed to polish the surface of granite and engineered stone. They are extremely flexible, making them easy for the operator to use. The ProSeries Dry Polishing Pads provide a fantastic finish and are engineered to be used dry.

GranQuartz was founded in 1971 and is a leader in the stone tools and equipment market, offering a full line of products through catalogs, stores, online and the largest sales team in the industry.



Heavy-Duty Fabrication Table

Product Description: Groves Inc. has introduced the HDT84 heavy-duty fabrication table, the latest addition to its extensive line of stone handling equipment. The new HDT84 is available as a freestanding unit with leveling feet (HDT84F) or as a mobile unit with four, heavy-duty, 5-inch-diameter casters rated at 1,000 pounds each and foot-operated locks (HDT84M). Its rugged, reinforced, galvanized steel frame is 84 inches long to accommodate the fabrication of longer, heavier slabs without fear of collapsing or the hassles of clamping two shorter tables together. The HDT84 has a durable rubber top that prevents damage to the work surface. Groves Inc. also manufactures a complete line of stone storage, fabrication and transportation equipment.


Laser Products Industries

Digital Templating System

Product Description: By continually developing and improving the LT-55XL through hardware and software updates, Laser Products Industries has made it “the only real choice for digital templating,” according to many of their customers.

The LT-55XL Precision Laser Templator lets the user walk off any jobsite with a DXF file in under 15 minutes, making it the fastest digital templating system on the market. Users can also produce estimates on the jobsite and have customers sign off on the machine, thus saving paper, and e-mail the entire job back to the shop to start production while the user heads to your next job, making it the greenest digital templating system on the market.

The LT-55XL is made in the U.S. by American workers, and Laser Products reports that its customers say its support is by far the best in the industry.

Those who have never seen the LT-55XL in action can visit the company’s Web site to watch videos/testimonials, or they can call to receive an informational DVD packet.


Omni Cubed

All-Weather Carry Clamp and Cart

Product Description: Omni Cubed is offering the Aqua-JawTM and Pro-Cart AT2 as a combination for easier moving of countertops. Combining the maneuverability of the AT2 with the most secure carry clamp on the market creates a winning tool combination for handling heavy tops on the roughest of install terrains. The Aqua-Jaw Carry ViseTM is the only “all-weather” Carry Vise designed to not slip off wet (or dusty) countertops, and the Aqua-Jaw’s fixed handles enable workers to push down or pull up on the stone to “pop wheelies” with the cart and easily climb over high curbs or other obstacles. The Aqua-Jaw’s super-tight vise action also prevents stone from slipping, so the product works better than gravity-dependent carry clamps on stairs and other slanted install terrains. Climbing stairs with the AT2 is easier due to the innovative adjustable wheel base (the distance between the cart’s front and back wheels has 4 inches of sliding adjustment to match varying depths of stair treads). The AT2 features large 10-inch casters, has a rated weight capacity of 1,000 pounds, and still weighs in at less than 65 pounds.


Pearl Abrasive

Blade for Porcelain, Granite and Other Stone

Product Description: Pearl Abrasive’s P3™ Granite Blade is designed to cut porcelain, granite and other stone. It is engineered with an 8-mm diamond turbo rim, which is long lasting and ideal for fast cutting and minimal chipping on granite. The Pearl P3 Granite Blade can be used wet or dry and comes in 4- to 10-inch diameters.



Digital Templating System

Product Description: The Proliner® measuring device is well-known worldwide, and it was designed as a complete solution for the stone industry. The Proliner is easy, fast and accurate. With the Proliner, there is no setup, targets or leveling needed. It is easy to use by a single person, and it is portable and very user-friendly. The Proliner is the solution for digital templating.

With the Proliner, users are able to measure, check and finish the measurements on-site, and with the on-board CAD functions, the measurement is directly CNC ready. With the Prodim Stone CT 3.0, users are able to control all projects and files and create full production worksheets. A few options are adding project and measurement, create elements, import dxf files, save, make and use libraries, create pre-set style details and make multiple snapshots.

It’s possible to create complete pdf worksheets and reports, customize the look and feel of them and add your own logo.

These are just a few of the new options within the possibilities of the complete Prodim Stone CT 3.0 solution.


Regent Stone Products

Lifter with Integrated Flexible Swiveling Hook

Product Description: The New Generation Abaco Lifter uses the same tried and true clamping system of the original Little Giant lifters, but has been improved to increase its safety and effectiveness. It has a new integrated flexible swiveling hook to allow the lifter to move with the load and help prevent breakages. The New Generation lifter also incorporates an easy-to-use quick-release lanyard, keeping the user further away from the load and eliminating cumbersome latches. Several other features include vulcanized rubber pads for the protection of slabs, increased grip range to meet fabricators needs and a low-profile design to minimize the space needed to lift slabs.



Clear-Flowing Epoxy for Fabrication and Lamination

Product Description:Tenax offers StrongEdge water clear-flowing epoxy system, which was specifically designed for stone fabrication and lamination. The product is well-suited for material that will be processed on a CNC, line machines or other automated equipment.

Once applied onto a countertop, the stone or substrate will not delaminate or break where StrongEdge was applied. The product has been engineered not to shrink, and it can take on a polish. It can also accept colors to match the natural stone of the material, if necessary. In addition to laminating, it can be used to repair damaged stone, to permanently secure anchor bolts or sink brackets, for fiberglass or metal rodding and for gluing to a range of substrate, including stone, metal, wood and more.

StrongEdge features a 2:1 mix ratio and a set time of about two hours at 75 degrees. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.



Super Z CNC Wheel

Product Description: The Knockout Super Z is Terminator’s newest addition to an already stellar CNC product line. Driven by value, this tool not only combines quality and performance, but also is priced cost effectively. Prepare to elevate the production of your CNC machine. This product features a 35-mm bore, 85-mm diameter.

A special 3+ Pack Price is $300, while the product costs $350 sold individually.


Wilson Industrial Electric, Inc.

Polishing Heads and Attachments

Product Description: Wilson Industrial Electric, Inc. is the U.S. Distributor for CO.ME.S polishing heads and attachments. CO.ME.S. is an Italian-based company that produces a top-of-the-line series of polishing heads for the stone industry. The heads are built to last and are very affordable when compared to others. CO.ME.S. makes a full line of heads for grinding and polishing manmade and natural stone. Most of the heads can be adapted to various machines with the addition of an adapter plate.

Wilson also stocks a full line of replacement parts for the CO.ME.S. line of polishing heads, so customers never have to worry about availability.

CO.ME.S. has just introduced the HT7. The head has proven to polish in less time with more coverage and a more even polish than before. Wilson will have the new HT7 at Coverings in Atlanta, GA, in April.