COLD SPRING, MN — Cold Spring Granite now offers New World Stoneworks® — an innovative system that uses natural stone for full masonry veneer on both interior and exterior projects. With this system, pre-cut and numbered stones arrive to the jobsite on pallets, stacked in order of assembly.

Designed with architects in mind, New World Stoneworks offers exceptional results in many styles of natural stone masonry with the benefit of faster project installation. It is available in five standard style options as well as a custom offering, tailored specifically to the architect’s design. Offering control over all phases of design and installation, the result is a structural piece with handcrafted aesthetics, delivered ready-to-install, with minimal jobsite waste.

“Architects who specify natural stone know exactly how the finished work should look,” said Dan Rea, Senior Vice President of Cold Spring Granite. “Too often, the final result depends on factors outside their control. Since the stone arrives pre-cut and numbered, builders are able to reduce the footprint of the jobsite, avoid dusty stone cutting and advance the build-out cycle to remain competitive. The New World Stoneworks system has revolutionized the world’s oldest building craft, ensuring design integrity from concept to completion.”

Fabricated with patented technology from New World Stoneworks, natural stone from Cold Spring Granite can meet any design requirement. Optional hand-chiseling, tumbling and weathering offer a wide range of finished styles. Architects can customize the style, color and blend of stone, in addition to specifying joint size, air barrier, weep system and installation.