Fireclay debuts "Crush," a 100% recyclable glass tile collection.

SAN JOSE, CA -- Fireclay Tile, a leading sustainable tile manufacturer, recently introduced "Crush", a U.S.-manufactured 100% recycled glass tile. Tile in the Crush collection comes from right within Fireclay’s local environment, and the result is a glass tile line that is unique, sustainable and stunning, reports the manufacturer.

The name “Crush” stems from the fact that Fireclay sources the raw waste glass from within 20 miles, crushes and processes the glass in its local San Jose, CA, manufacturing facility, and then transforms the material into recycled glass tile. The color names are inspired by natural elements such as Acai, Poppy and Walnut -- mimicking the organic nature of Fireclay's localized sourcing and production of Crush. The result is a sustainable recycled glass tile line that is available immediately for residential and commercial projects, and contributes towards LEED construction credits.

"We are so thrilled to be bringing Crush to the surfacing and finishing market to complement our other sustainable materials and to continue our rich tradition of custom manufacturing," stated Paul Burns, Fireclay’s Founder and Chief Ceramicist.

Crush is made-to-order within two weeks from Fireclay Tile's factory. With 40 different colors -- available in both gloss and matte finishes -- and an array of 17 sizes with complementary borders, the design options are limitless. Fireclay continues its sustainable, unique artisanal manufacturing process within its open- air, energy-efficient factory in San Jose, which complements its open-air, day-lit ceramic tile factory in Aromas, CA. Fireclay can also reliably fulfill Crush orders as large as several thousand square feet for commercial, hospitality and retail projects.  Since the new series is locally made, its fuel and transport costs are a fraction of those of larger, more traditional manufacturers who are increasingly outsourcing production abroad.

Crush’s roots stem from Fairbanks, AK and Boise, ID, where the technology and process were originally developed by Sandhill Industries. Founded by Terri and Jim Raudenbush, Sandhill won the EPA Evergreen award in 2002 for its environmental excellence and leadership. In 2010 Fireclay Tile acquired Sandhill's equipment and technology.

"The pioneering work that Terri and Jim did to create this recycled glass tile technology is amazing," stated Eric Edelson, Fireclay’s Vice President. "We aim to take their technology, add to it our 26-year tile history and expertise, and create something tremendous in the market. Over the next year, we also aim to expand the product line to include recycled glass tile made from post-consumer recycled glass bottles."