The 26th edition of Cersaie, the international exhibition of ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings, recently took place in Bologna, Italy. Although the event timeframe was pressed against a world financial crisis, attendance figures did not disappoint nor did the efforts brought forth by those exhibiting.

When touring the halls, very little evidence gave way that the turnout this year was at 84,537, an 8% decrease from its more than 90,000 visitors in 2007. In fact, the exhibit space was increased by approximately 215,000 square feet to a record total of almost 1.9 million square feet. According to show organizers, “not only was this additional space fully booked several months in advance; it also allowed for participation by a record 1,074 exhibitors from 34 different countries, including 230 from abroad.” 

Additionally, international presence rose to 25,675, which accounted for more than 30% of the total professional attendees -- a first for the show.

It was clear that manufacturers were hard at work, eloquently showcasing their latest products. From handmade tiles to ones developed through the most advanced technology, a broad range of styles could be found at this year’s show -- suitable for any market.

Below is just a sampling of the many new product lines that were featured at Cersaie 2008:


PixALL, a new collection from Sicis -- in its colorful, numberless decorative and chromatic varieties, takes life on a computer screen. At the click of a mouse, graphic software and a healthy dose of creativity define textures using mosaic tesserae at the place of pixels -- the tiny dots composing the video images, according to the manufacturer. PixALL is a representation of the fragmentation of digital surfaces: motifs and decors propose the jagged effect typical of the video art, when seen at close-up. Its themes are the huge flowers, the stripes and the geometries of the Murano, Glimmer, Iridium and Colibrì collections. The new decors result from the combination of square elements 11.6 inches wide, composed by schemes of 4, 9, 12, 16, 25 and 36 square modules. Circle No. 95


Palladio from TAU is a polished porcelain tile, which has been created by means of a complex technical process. Austere, elegant, with a classic yet very avant-garde style, Palladio is an exclusive product, ideal for refined, impeccably sophisticated atmospheres, reports the manufacturer. Tiles in the Palladio collection have a distinctive marbled nature, although their aesthetic finish is the result of the technical and artistic treatment of fossilized stone, which in this case has served as its source of inspiration. Likewise, the surface of each piece has thousands of fine gold inlays, which sparkle with golden highlights in the light’s reflection. The result is a smooth balanced blend of natural veins, contrasts, tones and ever-changing chromatic shades.  Palladio has been developed in six colors, which can all be combined with each other, hence multiplying the finish options. Circle No. 96

Stone Forest Collection

Evoking the geological evolution of nature’s woodlands in transforming plant, bark and fossils throughout the ages, GranitiFiandre’s Stone Forest Collection offers the textured beauty of petrified wood in a stunning porcelain product. Sizes include 36- x 18-, 36- x 9-, 36- x 4-, 18- x 18- and 9- x 9-inch formats, along with special pieces and trims, in a slate finish.  Shown here is Muir Woods; also available in Black Canyon. Circle No. 97


Azteca Ceramica, a Tile of Spain branded manufacturer, debuts Tropic, a glazed porcelain wall tile.  Exotic colors ranging from Sunset, Ocean, Pink Violet and Cranberry and unusual texture combined with a creative pattern brings this 12- x 30-inch tile to life, according to the company. Circle No. 98


Ceramiche My Way introduced its Emotions package to complement the company’s field tiles. Complete with a sink top that is available in extra clear crystal, or it can be colored the same as the field tiles. The package can be completed with a glass shower tray non-slip pattern or the same floral pattern in all colors and sizes. Additionally, the package includes a vanity top sink that includes stainless steel brackets and a towel holder. Colors for those items include metallic or Mother of Pearl. Circle No. 99


Combining technological advances with environmental awareness, Trend USA introduces a new collection of glass mosaics called Feel. Creating unique beauty from recycled glass bottles, the Feel collection contains a minimum of 80% post consumer recycled glass.  The palette of 12 colors is derived from the natural shades found on land (greens and browns), sea (shades of blue) and white, gray and black to anchor the collection and provide contrast.  The subtle variegation of the earth-toned colors mirror the effect of dappled sunlight.  The 3/4- x 3/4-inch opaque and finely textured tiles can be purchased as a single color or incorporated into a myriad of patterns from sophisticated and elegant to funky and classical, reports Trend. Circle No. 100


Déchirer is the new Mutina collection of full-body fine porcelain stoneware, manufactured using the latest generation technology combined with the exclusive design of large-sized, decorated and plain surfaces by Patricia Urquiola. The ceramic floor and wall slabs in the Déchirer collection hold slightest, irregular hints of decor, filigree threads that run through the surfaces. The latest-generation technology, combined with the great technical performance and new and original large, hexagonal and orthogonal formats (120 x 120 cm), make Déchirer highly resistant to wear and high traffic, even in areas destined for heavy usage, according to Mutina. The patterns and colors of Déchirer, based on rich, pleasing ceramic effects, are obtained without the use of glazes, but simply by the distribution of quality stoneware mixtures in different layers. Déchirer is available in five colors -- White, Black, Gray, Ecru and Lead -- and in two textures -- decor and neutral. Circle No. 101


Apavisa, a Tile of Spain branded manufacturer, has introduced a steel-looking ceramic tile called Patina. A softer industrial version of most Corten “look-a-likes” with a beautiful copper and green patina finish make it a stunning choice for either the wall or floor, reports the manufacturer. This eco-friendly choice of ceramic tile brings “green” chic to any room of the home, reports Apavisa. Circle No. 102

Hex Collection

Etruria Design uses the most advanced technology available today and produces the Hex Collection (hexagon-shaped tiles for flooring), according to the manufacturer. Available in fine-glazed fully-impasted earthenware, so as to guarantee those technical qualities that the market today requires in a floor, the product can be used both indoors and outdoors. Circle No. 103


San Genis, a Tile of Spain branded manufacturer, shows its Antiqua series that is primarily hand-made.  A brick-like natural terra-cotta tile that is available only in the antique natural color exudes the warmth and harmony of Mediterranean culture. It is available in many different formats: 4 x 4, 6 x 6, 8 x 8, 12 x 12, 16 x 16, 20 x 20, 6 x 35 and 8 x 22 inches. Circle No. 104

Tufo d'Arredo

Ceramiche Coem’s Tufo d’Arredo brings designers what Italian exteriors and gardens have long featured as a stone, used for structural and ornamental purposes. Its irregular porosity, in light and luminous colors, puts it in direct relationship not only with the earth but also with all the other natural elements like light, heat, water and air, according to the manufacturer. Tufo d’Arredo’s porous surface in white, honey and gray, for Mediterranean inspirations, perfectly blends in any outdoor environment thanks to its superior anti-slip qualities, the manufacturer reports. The stone is available in an unpolished finish and various size formats. Circle No. 105


Atmosphere, the new collection presented by Eiffelgres, takes as its keynote the conceptual lightness of matter. Simple design and tone-on-tone color shades create a range of tiles.  Pieces in the Atmosphere collection are achieved with the aid of groundbreaking technology, and are made from selected clays and minerals. Sizes include: 36 x  24, 36 x 12, 36 x 6, 24 x 24 and 24 x 12 inches, and tiles are available in three finishes: matte, patented and chiseled. Atmosphere is perfectly suitable for both residential and commercial projects, reports the manufacturer. Circle No. 106