The 25th edition of Cersaie, an international exhibition of ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings, took place this fall at the Bologna Exhibition Centre in Bologna, Italy. The 2007 rendition set three new records, including the figures for total visitors (91,935), foreign visitors (27,121) and Italian and foreign journalists (632).

This year's trends include large- and long-format tiles in sizes such as 12 x 48, 8 x 24, 24 x 48 and 9 x 36 inches. Also, new tile collections with high-end finishes in a neutral palette were prominent on the show floor, while sparkly, glittery materials and gold accents were also widespread.

Furthermore, design concepts continue to derive from nature, as floral patterns, tree motifs and wood-look tiles remain popular. Also, extruded tiles remain popular, with collections today being bumpy, wavy, etched and engraved.

Below is just a sampling of the various products that were on display at Cersaie 2007:

Maderas collection of wood-effect integral porcelain tiles from Alcalagres

The Maderas collection of wood-effect integral porcelain tiles from Alcalagres features five different models, including Arce, Haya (pictured), Roble Claro, Roble Oscuro and Wengué. The tiles are available in a 6- x 24- or 12- x 24-inch format, and the collection is rounded off with a variety of trims that complement all the models. Maderas can be used in areas where traditional wood flooring is not suitable, due to their location, use, high traffic or maintenance problems, the company reports.

Crystal from Graniti Fiandre

Crystal, a new material spangled with crystals that give it a special fullness of hue, is now available from Graniti Fiandre. Crystal combines outstanding technical characteristics with innovative surfaces, where glinting crystals create a constantly shifting play of light: a glittering shower that makes for a truly urban style, according to the company. The collection comes in three different finishes, including polished, semi-polished and Silk-Touch -- a new surface inspired by the softness of silk that makes Crystal slabs a new sensory experience in the world of ceramics. Sizes include 36 x 18, 18 x 18, 36 x 9 and 36 x 4 inches, with a wide variety of mosaics, listels and step tiles to match.

Basalto series from the Tau Metálica collection

As part of the Tau Metálica collection, the Basalto series is a quieter elegant option -- drawing on the restrained modern colors so often used in minimalist interiors, according to Tau. The tile in this series will initially be available in 30 x 60, 45 x 45 and 60 x 60 cm.

Spider collection from Venus

The Spider collection from Venus was designed to mimic the look of steel. The product is available in brown and gray, giving a steel patina look to a floor that is purely elegant and eye-catching, the company reports. The floor tile is available in an 18- x 26-inch format.

Soho line from Marazzi

The Soho line from Marazzi was designed for the floors and walls of rooms meant to take on a modern, pleasant character, the company reports. It is ideal for large spaces due to its formats and reduced number of joints, including commercial spaces, lobbies and waiting rooms. The material is available in the following formats: 12 x 48, 12 x 24 and 24 x 24 inches. According to the company, Soho evokes the big spaces of the metropolitan landscape. By means of large formats, this line conveys grace and tranquility, confidence and importance, Marazzi reports.

Urban Series and Pop Art/MOMA collection from Garogres S.A.U.

Garogres S.A.U. exhibits the beauty of black, red and white 12- x 24- and 12- x 12- inch tiles from the Urban Series and the Pop Art/MOMA collection. The tile can be used in non-conventional spaces such as a living room for example, where it is totally unexpected, yet completely revolutionary, the company reports.

Gold Collection from Design Tale Studio

The Gold Collection from Design Tale Studio combines the appeal of 24 carat gold with a sumptuous pattern to create astonishingly vibrant atmospheres, according to the company. The porcelain tile series is characterized by constant changes in surface finish, from satin to gloss, and with a distinct opalescent sheen. The product is available in a 24- x 48-inch format.

Raso series from Ceramica Bardelli

The floor tiles of the Raso series from Ceramica Bardelli consist of a delicate texture, and they are available in four pale shades of beige, rosa, verde and grigio. The neutral tones make it possible to match them with all of the company's collections, and the smooth satin finish makes cleaning easy and quick. The series is available in a 19- x 19-inch format with coordinated skirting. Porcelain stoneware tiles are also available in four shades in a matte finish.

Finn series by Arkim

Arkim is now offering a through-bodied porcelain tile series that combines technology and surface textures with an innovative design. Within the Finn series, dynamic geometric patterns alternate with natural floral motifs and modern crocodile skin textures. The product is available in two sizes: 24 x 24 inches for large interior and exterior architectural surfaces, and the more versatile size of 12 x 24 inches. The series is available in two essential colors -- black and white -- and two finishes -- natural and honed -- with rectified field tiles in all finishes and sizes.

Megalos series from Dune Ceramica S.L.

Dune Ceramica S.L. has created a unique wall covering with its Megalos series, bringing to light a wide variety of decorative possibilities in large-format tiles ranging from 15 x 60 to 30 x 30 inches, coupled with incredible texture to create fitting spaces for interior designs as well as architectural projects.

Platino Silver Series from Porcelanosa

The Platino Silver Series from Porcelanosa creates a beautiful metallic and shiny look in ceramic tile. The material is available in a 17- x 26-inch format, and may be used in many different ways such as for a grand hallway or guest bath, according to the manufacturer.

Inalco's Suite line of ceramic tile

Inalco's Suite line of ceramic tile is realistic enough to look like wood wainscoting, according to the manufacturer. It can be used in residential or commercial spaces, and is particularly popular in a hospitality situation as in the hallways of the chic hotel pictured here. Large format works best for this tile in an 18-x 34-inch format, Inalco reports.