Saratoga organic, low-maintenance soapstone wax

To enhance its recently launched Saratoga Soapstone line, Artisan Group has created an organic, low-maintenance soapstone wax - Saratoga. Unlike mineral oil and competing products, the classic choice for soapstone darkening and protection, Saratoga Wax binds with the surface and is formulated to not readily show fingerprints. Saratoga is long-lasting, all natural, organic, non-yellowing and darkens soapstone to a nice luster without being sticky.

“Mineral oil evaporates and has to be reapplied frequently,” said Rick Seiders, Artisan Group Sales Manager. “After an initial two to three applications, Saratoga Wax only has to be applied every seven to 12 months, depending upon usage. Also, it is so natural; you can actually use it as a lip balm.”

Saratoga Soapstone Wax brings out a dark richness to the stone’s natural color and acts as a protective sealing layer. Saratoga Wax joins Firstline’s family of eco-friendly stone cleaners and sealers designed exclusively for the Artisan Stone Collection.