Artisan Group recently added Niagara Black to its Saratoga Soapstone lineup throughout North America — making the selection six colors. Niagara Black, a smooth black background with zig-zag white lines, joins Hudson Ash, Stillwater Grey, Mineral Black, Vineyard Green and Saratoga Black. Saratoga Soapstone is a part of the Artisan Stone Collection of exotic and classic granites and marble. Soapstone is often referred to as “the original stone countertop.” Prevalent in the northeast and used as a traditional look, soapstone is now being used with a flat edge for clean, contemporary rooms, according to Artisan Group.

“Soapstone is a very versatile stone with a look all its own,” said Chad Seiders, Artisan Group Executive Director. “The addition of Niagara Black to the Saratoga Soapstone line will provide homeowners with just one more design choice from the Artisan Group branded palette to fit their style.”

Quarried like granite, but with a velvety smooth texture, soapstone is a heavy, mineral talc composition that can endure temperatures up to 600 degrees. Used for years in fireplaces, wood stoves and ovens, soapstone has recently made its mark with interior designers, homebuilders, architects and countertop fabricators to achieve a rustic, early-American look, yet versatile enough to be used in modern and contemporary interior designs.

Saratoga Soapstone has its own care kit — Saratoga Wax — available from Artisan Group member companies.

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