The elegant, yet challenging combinations bring a modernness to the series that is rarely seen in Ceramic interior design. Black & Cream seeks out the natural simplicity of the materials, making them ideal for use on their own in more serene spaces, whilst offering the possibility of bringing a controlled sophistication through the use of exclusive special pieces, which raise the tone. 

Black & Cream Porcelain Floor Tiles 

There are six base tiles in the porcelain Black & Cream collection: Cream Dune (the only color available in 120x120), Black Night, Cream Beach, Brown Wash, Black Space and Green Giada. All tiles are available in the following sizes: 60x60; 80x80; 19,4x120; 60x120 as well as two mosaic sheets, which are perfectly combinable with each other as a result of the chip sizes utilized. 

The greatest sophistication is brought to the series by the Checkers Rounded and Checkers Starry tiles. These exceptional special pieces, with rounded edges, are available in all the colors and designs the range offers. They are intended to be laid in a traditional checkerboard design. 

Black & Cream Wall Tiles 

The series offers a range of white-bodied wall tiles to combine with the porcelain tile range. Two base tiles - Cream-R Oasis and Black-R Gloom; Two embossed tiles - Cream-R Desert and Black-R Soot; And to complete the collection, Two embossed decors – Cream-R Zigzag and Black-R Braided.