Founded in 1990, Andrade S/A Marmores e Granitos of Serra, ES, Brazil — part of the Andrade Group — is a large-scale stone producer with several locations within Brazil. Company owners and brothers, Celio and Zelto Andrade, have made a commitment to investment, and as a result, Andrade has experienced a number of developments during the past year.

The company’s branch in Aguia Branca, ES, underwent several changes in 2015. A recent renovation involved a new exterior facade, which accentuates the entrance to the facility. Additionally, a new wire saw and polishing line were installed. “This modern machinery produces much more in fewer hours,” said Derlane Romano, sales manager, adding that the slab yard was doubled in size to accommodate the increase in production. Plans are also underway to install another automatic resin line at the Aguia Branca location in 2016 — fulfilling the goals set by the Andrade brothers.

Andrade Group’s headquarters is stationed in Serra, ES, Brazil. The facility has been equipped with all new machinery. The investment in technology has allowed Andrade to increase the exotic line of its products, according to Romano.

In 2014, the company hired about two dozen more employees, and during the past year, it has worked to strengthen its staff. Zelto Andrade believes that by maintaining the synergy between its employees and their commitment to the company, they will aim to achieve the highest customer satisfaction and ensure the delivery of quality material.

Under the direction of Celio Andrade, the company continues to invest in new quarries. It currently owns several sites in different regions of Brazil. “Mr. Celio Andrade is the quarry minded guy,” said Romano. “Every week, he visits the quarries to make decisions about the production — together with the managers from each quarry.”

The Andrade Group currently owns several quarries in different regions of Brazil. Its specialized team conducts ongoing research seeking new locations and materials to invest. Today, Andrade produces the following materials from its own quarries.

• Gold Brasil / New Venetian Gold

• Imperial Coffee

• Chocolate

• Blue Fantasy

• Butterfly Green

• White Piracema

• Santa Cecilia

• Kashmir

• Serata

• Imperial Black

As a way to stay with the times, and further market its brand, Andrade Group recently started a Social Media platform. “In 2015, Andrade launched a Facebook Fan page together with LinkedIn and Instagram,” explained Romano. “Alongside with Social Media, we premiered a whole new website layout. The current and new customers can check for news and more information at, Facebook: fb/andradegroup, Linkedin: linkedin/company/group-andrade and Instagram: @andradegroup.”

The company also continues to market itself by exhibiting at trade shows, such as the Vitoria Stone Fair, which will be held this year from February 16 to 19 in Vitoria, ES, Brazil, and Coverings — slotted for April 18 to 21 in Chicago, IL. At the Vitoria Stone Fair, Andrade will promote Imperial Black and Piracema White, as well as presenting a new material with more gray movement from its Kashmir quarry. “It’s an excellent option for projects or countertops, following the market trend of white and gray color,” said Romano.