Legend Premium Polyester Adhesives

Recently, GranQuartz introduced three new adhesives to the market, which are only available exclusively through the company. In an effort to offer the best quality adhesives in the industry, GranQuartz now offers the new Legend Premium Polyester Adhesives. These are high-quality polyesters available in knife grade and flowing. Clear and smooth, Legend easily fills, bonds and laminates all types of stone, reports GranQuartz. These adhesives are designed for outstanding performance and can be tinted to match any natural or engineered stone. 

Legend Hybrid Adhesive

Another recent introduction by GranQuartz is the Legend Hybrid Adhesive. This is a high-quality adhesive blend that gives the strength of an epoxy with the speed and ease of a polyester adhesive, according to the company. The Hybrid adhesive has a unique viscosity that will allow the fabricator/installer to use it in any application. The viscosity is thicker than flowing, but thinner than knife grade and can be used to seam, laminate, rod or any vertical application. The product is translucent/opaque and accepts GranQuartz colors. 

To meet market needs for cost savings, GranQuartz has introduced Recon polyester adhesive. This polyester is an economical adhesive for the fabricator focused on his bottom line. Recon Polyester Adhesives come in economy size 5-gallon drums in knife grade and now flowing.  Recon is fast setting, consistent and easy to use. 


Multi-Seam Expansion Kit for the Automatic Seam Setter VCA by Omni Cubed

The Multi-Seam Expansion Kit for the Automatic Seam Setter VCA by Omni Cubed is now available. The expansion kit includes two VCA seam setters with storage case, coil tube, four thumb pump plungers and four cup covers. The kit enables installers to simultaneously join and level two seams (up to 14 feet apart with use of the coil tube), saving valuable time during the installation process. Installers can also “chain link” up to four seam setters together for larger seams (i.e. longer island seams). The kit utilizes pneumatic quick-connect fittings, enabling installers to quickly and easily “series” seam setters together to a single vacuum pump, reports Omni Cubed. 


Azul Imperial by Rossittis

Azul Imperial is a unique blue material quarried in Brazil by Rossittis. The stone’s technical characteristics are as follows:

• Bulk density: 2,678 kg/cu.m

• Flexural strength: 23.77 N/sq.mm

• Compressive strength: 116.76 N/sq. mm

• Abrasion resistance: 0.19 mm

• Water absorption: 0.12 %


Braxton-Bragg is now offering Spray & Set wall tile adhesive by Homax to its product line.

Braxton-Bragg has introduced a new concept in wall tile adhesives to its extensive line of stone and tile equipment and supplies with Spray & Set wall tile adhesive by Homax - making setting wall tiles as easy as spray. According to Braxton-Bragg, setting and grouting can be done in one day with this tile adhesive. Rather than mixing and troweling an adhesive, tile setters can now lay out their designs, spray on the adhesive and start setting tiles. This truly “no sag” adhesive allows the setter to see layout lines through the adhesive and set the tiles accurately on the wall without a ledger and without worrying about sagging. This means precision work can be done on designs and features, and then the surrounding field can be filled in with ease. Since less adhesive is used, there is no cleaning of grout lines before grouting. Grouting can begin one hour after setting tiles, allowing most jobs to be completed in one day, reports Braxton-Bragg.