Granite City Tool’s Rival 5-Step System

Granite City Tool has introduced the Rival 5-Step System and Rival blades. The Rival 5-Step System is for C-frame polishing machines. Position 1 and 2 are a graphite metal-bond to shape the stone, and positions 3 to 5 are a non-flexible resin diamond with Velcro to attach to a Velcro snail-lock head. A final buff position 6 is available if a higher shine is desired.

Granite City Tool’s Rival Blades 

Rival blades are silent core diamond blades for stone gantry saws. The red-colored blades are sandwich diamond segments in 20 mm height, and the yellow-colored blades have sequence applied diamond segments in 20 mm height. The diamonds are placed evenly up and down and side to side to ensure consistent quality and speed of cut. The blue blades also have sequence applied diamonds, but offer a taller 26 mm segment for longer life.

International Stoneworks, a Houston-based company offering natural stone restoration and maintenance products, presents its new line of “green” products. The entire product line, which includes Lavenet Green, Seal & Go “W” and Ver Glow #2, is effective and safe for the user and the environment, according to Rawi Tabbah, International Stoneworks President, adding that the entire line is Leader in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) compliant.

Lavenet Green is a neutral cleaner for natural stone, ceramic tile and grout. The product is VOC compliant and biodegradable with no solvents or phosphates, reports International Stoneworks.

Seal & Go “W” is a water-based impregnator sealer that provides maximum protection against water and grease stains for all interior natural stone surfaces and grout, while preserving the stone’s natural appearance. International Stoneworks reports that the product does not contain any solvents and is VOC compliant in all 50 states.

Ver Glow #2 is a non-acidic natural stone polishing compound, which adds a beautiful shine to stone surfaces.

“This is International Stoneworks’ first green venture, and we are so pleased to introduce products where their effectiveness is only matched by their eco-friendliness,” said Tabbah. “It is International Stoneworks’ firm belief that people should use only the best specialty products for their stone investments. We saw a demand, commercially and residentially, for efficient, safe, ‘green’ products and we delivered.”

Levantina, a multinational company with Spanish origins and a worldwide leader in the natural stone market, has developed a range of new products over the years. Since its inception in 1959, the company has experienced continuous growth and strong international expansion, and it is also present in other segments of the coverings and floor markets with Techlam, a new ceramic product with unique aesthetics and technology.

Techlam is a porcelain slab measuring only 3 mm thick and 7.1 kg/sq.m, and it can be cut up to 1,000 x 3,000 mm in panels. These characteristics make it a product capable of providing original solutions for all kinds of construction applications. It is a new practical concept aimed at materializing ambitious projects. Its versatility in size and color, possibilities for combining with other materials and technical specifications regarding durability, hygiene and flexible fitting make this material a reference for an endless array of applications. Its use is extending to interior walls and floor coverings, to hygienic areas such as hospitals and laboratories, as well as for facades, tunnels and subway stations.

One of the latest projects where the versatility of Techlam has been highlighted is a private house in the Belgium village of Oostacker. Jointly, architect Bernd Buedts and interior designer Frederik D’Hooghe developed a new building where Techlam has been used in walls and floors. The result is a minimalist house that contrasts with the surrounding countryside that involves it.

With this new product, Levantina offers a complement to its range of products that include marble, travertine, slate, limestone, granite and quartz surfaces.