Tennessee Marble Co. and Polycor have announced the formation of a joint venture for the fabrication, distribution and promotion of Alabama marble. Tennessee Marble Co. and Polycor bring their expertise on this product in the manufacture of slabs, tiles and cut-to-size products. Polycor’s knowledge of the North American market will enhance the distribution and availability of Alabama marble to all potential customers in North America. All sales and distribution of slab and cut-to-size work were shifted exclusively to the joint venture as of May 1. Alabama Marble Co. will continue its operations at the quarry, coordinating all North American slab and cut-to-size supply through the joint venture.

“To our existing Polycor client family, we are pleased to offer this additional stone product to you, along with our Georgia and Colorado white marble lines,” stated Patrick Perus of Polycor. “Together with Tennessee Marble Co., this joint venture provides our current and new clients the most selection of domestic premium marble.”