TATE, GA -- Imerys, a worldwide leader in mineral processing, and Polycor, the second largest and most diversified supplier of structural dimension stone in North America, announce the sale of Imerys’ dimension stone business to Polycor, a Canada-based group with headquarters in Quebec City. The transaction was finalized on August 5, 2003.

Imerys, previous owner of Georgia Marble, restructured its Dimension Stone Division -- Specialty Minerals Business Group -- earlier this year, which included the closure of its Nelson, GA, facility, the sale of its Central Granite facility in Elberton, GA, and the closure of a portion of its Tate, GA, facility.

Polycor purchased the business related to the Tate operation. Polycor will retain the existing employee base at the Tate plant and will use the name Georgia Marble - Dimension Stone under a license agreement with Imerys.

Patrick Perus, formerly head of Imerys’ Dimension Stone Division, is now head of Polycor’s dimension stone business in the U.S. “Polycor has an ambitious growth plan to improve overall competitiveness of the business,” stated Perus. “It also has the best expertise in North America to help us improve our operation. With the strong synergies between our new Georgia Marble, Dimension Stone Division and Polycor’s existing business, we will be able to offer customers a broader product line, including Polycor granites. Structural marble from Georgia will also be widely available through selected partners in the U.S., specialized in the fabrication of custom-made monuments. We are all very excited about this new opportunity to further the long tradition of Georgia Marble.”

Along with the addition of Perus, David King, previously Regional Sales Manager under Imerys, will continue his management position with Polycor. Jay Kown will once again head Georgia Marble Memorial Sales.