“Zillions” of specially designed Meta Crème sealing molecules create a deep protective barrier.

Dry-Treat has just launched a new generation impregnating sealer, called Meta Crème, to protect natural stone, tile, paving, brick, concrete and grout. It’s in the form of a cream, as the name implies with many unique properties and benefits.

Meta Crème exceeds LEED world best practice VOC (carbon emissions) standards for environmentally sustainable construction materials, reports Dry-Treat.

“We had two main goals in developing Meta-Crème,” said Stuart Anderson, Dry-Treat managing director and chief chemical engineer. “Firstly, to create a product which would meet the environmental standards of the future. Second was to improve on our deep penetrating, permanent bonding technology.”

Dry-Treat’s specially engineered sealing molecules have an extremely small size to deeply penetrate even dense materials such as granite, and bond permanently by chemical reaction in the capillaries, becoming part of the molecular structure of the stone.

Meta Crème offers more than just stain protection. Meta Crème’s deep, permanent, water and oil repellent barrier keeps water, carrying dissolved minerals and impurities, well away from the surface of the stone, protecting against other common forms of damage, including: efflorescence, salt spalling, freeze-thaw cracking and other permanent forms of water damage, reports Dry-Treat.

Dry-Treat reports that the Meta Crème recyclable, f lexible “eco pack” uses less than 40% of the material and energy to produce than traditional rigid plastic bottles, creates 89% less landfill and takes nine times less fuel to transport the empty container.

Meta Crème is also easy to use - for both do-it-yourself consumers and professionals. The non-drip, low-odor cream is applied with a standard foam rubber paint roller, left to impregnate, then any remaining excess product is easily polished off.

Professionals can also be trained as accredited applicators, who can offer Dry-Treat’s unique written performance warranties - 15 years in the case of Meta Crème.

Also of note, the product is available with environmentally friendly packaging. The stand-up pouches have a much smaller “environmental footprint” than the rigid bottles they replace. Dry-Treat reports that 364,000 units of quart-sized stand-up pouches can be shipped in one truckload with 26 wooden pallets, as opposed to nine truckloads and 234 wooden pallets required for 364,000 standard quart-sized plastic bottles. According to Dry-Treat, this means nine times less effect on the earth than plastic bottles; nine times less warehouse space required; nine times less landfill space consumed and nine times less consumption of wood for pallets and paper for corrugate. Dealers, architects, installers, restorers and other building and surfacing professionals can contact Dry-Treat for a brief Meta Crème demonstration and presentation.


Miraton collection used in Kwai Chung Hospital

Hanwha L&C USA, a leader in surface manufacturing has announced the introduction of Miraton, a premium tile collection extension of its quartz surface line that will soon be manufactured in North America. This summer, a 30-plus color palette of Miraton, along with seven new colors from the company’s top-of-the-line countertop imprints, HanStone™ and Hanex®, were made available through its distributors.

Miraton is the next generation in premium quartz surfacing, suitable for a wide range of applications, including flooring, interior wall cladding and vanities, the manufacturer reports. Miraton is dense, non-porous, stain-resistant and requires virtually no maintenance, according to Hanwha, adding that the product is ideal for both commercial and residential applications.

“Miraton reflects Hanwha L&C USA’s continued dedication to being the surface authority, covering countertops, walls and now flooring,” said Dr. Daniel Yu, President, Hanwha L&C North America. “We are proud to offer all our commercial and residential customers the most extensive, most opulent and most durable surfacing products in the industry.”

Miraton collection lobby application

In addition to the Miraton line, Hanwha L&C USA extended the color offerings to its innovative HanStone and Hanex brands, by introducing eight HanStone concept patterns along with Brionne 2 and Hanex colors this past summer.

Hanwha L&C USA also offers an American Institute of Architects (AIA) registered continuous education program about solid surfaces and quartz surfacing for architects.

The upcoming 30-plus Miraton color palette and the extended color line from HanStone and Hanex are now available via qualified distributors and retailers throughout North America.